The TTC’s Rewards and Recognition Program is a company-wide initiative that presents awards to both staff and unionized employees and aligns with the TTC’s Five-Year Corporate Plan and its People Objective.

“Day in and day out, our employees perform acts of inspiration in the workplace as well as in the community they serve. These awards celebrate the TTC’s greatest and most valuable asset: its people. The TTC is a customer-centric organization that values teamwork and pride in a job well done. These are just some of the employees that exemplify our changing culture,” said CEO Andy Byford.

In addition to honoring employees who regularly go above and beyond their assigned duties and encompass the best the TTC has to offer, today’s ceremony honored employees who: 

  •  successfully reunited a backpack containing $50,000 with its owner who was distraught over his mother's recent death;
  •  offered to stay several hours after the end of a bus operator shift to drive visiting American students back to Downsview Station after the route’s last run of the night;
  •  observed and assisted customers in distress, ensuring their safety;
  •  helped out at the scene of a serious car accident, including performing CPR on a severely injured person.

Award recipients for this ceremony are:

Customer Service

  • Jeff Baker - Operator
  • Mark Bingham - Operator
  • Tammy Bishop - Operator
  • Delmas Brown - Station Collector
  • Daniel Clavette- Operator
  • Jonathan D’Souza - Track Patroller
  • Pat Ferraro - Track Patroller
  • Roger Fitzpatrick - Route Supervisor
  • Donovan Lee - Rail Vehicle Analyzer
  • Heather Sanford - Operator
  • Johannes Scherpenberg - Route Supervisor Trainee
  • Cortelle Willis - Building Serviceperson
  • Shawn Wood - Operator

Innovation and Creativity

  • Mario Duarte - General Maintenance Carpenter
  • Oscar Souto - General Maintenance Carpenter
  • Leonard Pearce - Operator
  • Dave Porter - Divisional Assistant Manager
  • Luigi Spano - Signal Technician
  • Leonardo Volpe - Maintenance Mechanic Millwright


  • Ibrahim Bah - Track Welder
  • Jason Cordeiro - Storeperson
  • Ian Ferguson - Supervisor
  • Gerry Gallately - Operator
  • Jennifer Imbrogno - Director - Capital Accounting
  •  Dimaz Ladak - Foreperson – Duncan Shop
  • Lynn Middleton - Divisional Assistant Manager
  • Scott Milne - Route Supervisor
  • Francesco Sisto - Track Mechanic
  • Erin Smith - Coordinator – Permits & Approvals
  • Aj Spang - Foreperson


  • Flobell Asaba Ndesan - Duty Station Manager
  • Alan Dykstra - Operator
  • Kevin Lee - Head of Commission Services
  • Matt McDonell - Operator
  • Verzh Mikayelyan - Coach Technician


Frank Campbell, Bryan Chung, Scott Fraser, Charles Lee, Anthony Leonetti, Adrienne Long, Micheal Ruel, Warren San, Paris Savides, Connie Wan, Pat Willams, Akram Yoannis, George Yousef - Various

Early next year, one employee will be recognized as the "TTC Employee of the Year" for outstanding achievement in 2016 in one or more of the award categories.