The Digital Signage Federation Announces Simplified Membership Fee Structure

June 7, 2016
The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) has announced the introduction of a new membership fee structure.

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) has announced the introduction of a new membership fee structure. The new fee structure not only recognizes a broader definition of “end users,” now to include brands/advertisers and digital network operators, at its “Tier 1” level, but also incentivizes enrollment by offering a very affordable annual membership fee of just one hundred dollars ($100US).

“Tier 2” now extends the same $250 annual fee currently applied solely to industry consultants. However, integrators will now join the DSF at the “Tier 3” rate, the same annual fee of $500 required formerly from only industry vendors and suppliers.


  • Tier 1 - End Users, Brands/Advertisers, and Network Operators - $100/year per organization
  • Tier 2 – Consultants - $250/year per organization
  • Tier 3 - Vendors, Suppliers, and Integrators - $500/year per organization

“The new DSF membership structure reflects the economics of the digital signage industry and the desire of Federation leadership to offer a significant value to those member companies who are buying goods and services from those in our industry, said Brian Gorg, DSF executive director. He added, “The new structure, deemed ‘most equitable’ by the DSF Board of Directors, will make it possible for more end users to enroll, engage and participate in proactive professional investment.”

All DSF member organizations, regardless of Tier level, will continue to have one vote sharing the same voice within the association. Further, there has been no change in member benefits while in response to expressed member priorities there will be a continued focus on:

  • Professional Development – Certification
  • Resources - Access to a Library of Industry Information
  • Visibility – Hangout Participation, Feature Placement