MI: MPTA/MTA Join With American Red Cross to Raise Funds for Flint

April 20, 2016
The Michigan Public Transit Association released a statement on its partnership with the American Red Cross and the Flint Mass Transportation Authority in raising funds for Flint.

"We have all heard the horror stories out of Flint, MI, over the past few months. The city is facing an unprecedented healthcare crisis, and the entire state faces a related funding crisis as Flint recovers.

The Michigan Public Transit Association, in conjunction with the American Red Cross and the Flint Mass Transportation Authority, are responding to the Flint Water Crisis with a special fundraising event and we’d like your consideration in helping raise funds.

We have had inquiries from transit employees over the past few months from various locations in Michigan wondering if there is a way to donate funds to help Flint citizens in a way that the money can go to the highest need and so that every penny donated actually is used for Flint water crisis relief and not siphoned off for other purposes, such as administration fees.

At MPTA and MTA we have been able to partner with the American Red Cross in just this way so that you can donate and help and know that your donation brings the best assistance for the current status of the crisis and that all money donated is used for true need.  And the donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the IRS tax code, since the ARC is a nationally-recognized 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.

Please share the attached flyer with your own employees, unions, your riders (if you wish) and in any other way you can think of to let people know that Public Transit is Standing up for Flint and helping out.  We have reached out to the national transit associations, as well, and hope to have a huge fundraising effort from this outreach. It is simple to donate, and can be done with a credit card online, at a safe American Red Cross “microsite" www.redcross.org/cm/mpta-emp.

Or, if you prefer to donate by check or money order, please make it out to:  American Red Cross – Flint Water Relief” and send to: Michigan Public Transit Association, 2875 Northwind Drive, Suite 120, East Lansing, MI  48823. We will forward all checks/money orders received on to the American Red Cross for this fund. Please do not send cash.

Our target date for the fundraiser is the American Red Cross National Day of Giving on Thursday, April 21, 2016 but you can donate online at any time – the link is active now – and even after April 21st.  The link will be kept active for some time.

Thank you for your consideration. Let’s all work together to show that Public Transportation cares!"