Announcing New Publications from TCRP

Sept. 11, 2014
The Transit Cooperative Research Program has released six news publications.

The Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) recently released the following publications:

Synthesis 88 - Strollers, Carts, and Other Large Items on Buses and Trains

This synthesis documents how public transit agencies manage capacity on vehicles carrying customers with large items. It also includes a discussion of vehicle designs to accommodate these various large items.

Synthesis 89 - Public Strategies for Transit

This synthesis documents public participation strategies that inform and engage the public for transit-related activities. It also provides ideas and insights into practices and techniques that agencies have found to be most successful, and discusses the challenges of engaging the public.

Report 146 - Guidebook for Evaluating Fuel for Post-2010 Transit Bus Procurements

This report is designed to help those considering the deployment of, or conversion to, alternative fuel buses. The guidebook and life-cycle emissions model spreadsheet (FuelCost2) are intended to aid individuals who, while being quite knowledgeable about the transit industry, may not be familiar with alternative fuels and implementation issues.

Legal Research Digest 37 - Legal Arrangements for Use and Control of Real-Time Data

This digest is designed to help transit officials understand the legal options and limitations for real-time data ownership, protection and use.

Research Results Digest 101 - Funding for Infrastructure Maintenance: Achieving and Sustaining a State of Good Repair

This digest examines how bus and rail agencies develop community support for public transportation and how communities implement sustainable funding strategies for transit assets, operations and maintenance.

Research Results Digest 102 - Public Transportation Systems as the Foundation for Economic Growth

This digest examines how public transit investments are linked to economic growth and recovery in several cities in Turkey, Egypt and South Africa.