University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's 2015 Spring Public Course Offerings

Feb. 2, 2015 - July 3, 2015

161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 6000

Milwaukee, WI 53203


Fleet Management

Analyze the principles of vehicle operations and maintenance in order to save money and improve service. Learn to identify problems, and then prioritize and solve them using common sense methodologies. Focus on corporate fleet management, shop management, and green garages.

Online Course Accessible: Apr. 6 - May 1

Instructor: John E. Dolce

Early Bird: $400 (register by Mar. 9)

Fee: $500

CEUs: 1.6

Program No. 4890-7854

Passenger Service and Safety: Certification for Trainers

Develop self-confidence as a trainer while learning the basics of passenger assistance. Gain the tools for evaluating and assessing on-the-job performance, which helps maintain and improve the quality of your agency’s transit services. This workshop satisfies standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Mon. - Wed., Mar. 16-18

Instructor: Larry Currie

Early Bird: $625 (register by Feb. 16)

Fee: $725

CEUs: 2.0 Program No. 4890-7614

Fundamentals of Public Transit

Help new or recently hired staff upgrade their skills and learn best practices in the transportation industry. Seasoned veterans will also obtain updates to a broad spectrum of topics – from marketing, planning and operations to regulations, service benchmarks and the history and benefits of public transportation.

Online Course Accessible: Feb. 2-27

Instructor: Peter Albrecht

Early Bird: $400 (register by Jan. 5)

Fee: $500

CEUs: 1.6

Program No. 4890-7853

Systematic Approach to Increasing Transit Ridership

Focus your efforts on the most productive ways to get passengers on your service and to keep them riding once they try it. Increased ridership is not just about marketing, but about taking a comprehensive step-by-step approach to service design and delivery. Find your “avatar” – your ideal customer – and learn to build and maintain a strong ridership base.

Online Course Accessible: Mar. 9-27

Instructors: Joe Caruso, Anita Gulotta-Connelly

Early Bird: $400 (register by Feb. 9)

Fee: $500

CEUs: 1.2 Program No. 4890-7855

Introduction to Transit Planning

This asynchronous online course provides an overview of procedures and techniques for transit planning with emphasis on how transit planning is different than planning for other activities. Short range planning is discussed in the context of a realistic case study based on real problems faced by transit agencies. This course includes methods to predict service costs, fleet size and scheduling considerations, ways to find areas of potential demand as well as an overview of procedures used to develop new starts for major transit investments.

Online Course Accessible: Mar. 9-May 1

Instructor: Dr. Edward Beimborn

Early Bird: $450 (register by Feb. 9)

Fee: $550

CEUs: 3.2 Program No. 4890-7932

Transit Workplace Behavior Series: Conflict Avoidance - Art of Maintaining Control

The transit environment can be an ideal breeding ground for the forces that create, intensify and perpetuate conflict. Even the most serene moment can suddenly be impacted by a variety of stressors – from the unexpected event on the road to the frustrations of unpredictable human moodiness – both inside the company and on the street.

Online Course Accessible: May 11-June 5

Instructor: Randall Pine

Early Bird: $400 (register by Apr. 13)

Fee: $500

CEUs: 1.6 Program No. 4890-7912

Transit Workplace Behavior Series: Managing Employee Performance

Anyone challenged with the supervision of subordinates realizes right away that not all employees are motivated in the same manner. Learn the fundamental principles of employee performance, motivation and management, and set up management programs and practices to encourage and systematically maintain improved employee performance across the board.

Online Course Accessible: Jun. 8 - July 3

Instructor: Randall Pine

Early Bird: $400 (register by May 11)

Fee: $500

CEUs: 1.6

Program No. 4890-7919