Nick Mackie

Nick Mackie is vice president, mobility solutions at Visa.

Based in London, he and his team are responsible for liberating the full potential of Visa’s network and partners to transform the way we move inside and between urban centers.  

His aim is to improve end-to-end journey experiences for the travelling public, deliver greater efficiency for operators and governments and boost the economic output of our cities.

Prior to his current role, Mackie served five years as head of contactless, leading the establishment of contactless payments in Europe, which today account for more than 90 percent of Visa’s face-to-face payments. During this time, Mackie played a key role in supporting Transport for London’s groundbreaking contactless rollout in September 2014.

Before joining Visa, Nick was head of business development at Vianet Group plc, a UK-based technology and IoT provider for the leisure and petrol forecourt sectors.

Mackie holds a first-class B.Eng. Honours degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering (Class Medal winner) and an M.Phil. in Applied Telecommunications.