Jason Stokes

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Vice President, Security Services, Secuvant, LLC

Jason Stokes is an accomplished cybersecurity executive with more than 30 years of experience defending networks, fighting for the Department of Defense (DoD) and working alongside one of the leading information security organizations globally, Mandiant.

Prior to becoming vice president security services, Stokes held several increasingly responsible roles at Mandiant, where he spent almost eight years developing numerous service offerings that were designed to measure maturity balanced with risk tolerance, develop and implement entire programmatic lifecycles and fully operate those security programs on behalf of the customer.

Before working in the civilian sector, Stokes held numerous leadership and technical positions as a DoD contractor, both stateside and abroad, over the span of 12 years. He served as an Engineering Lead with the US Marines, tasked to rebuild and restructure large portions of its infrastructure in Afghanistan. Stokes also worked as a Security Engineer and Deputy SOC Lead in Djibouti, Africa, and the rebuilding of the USAFRICOM security program from the ground up.

As a technical manager on numerous missions in Iraq, Jason managed teams of security engineers and analysts while working with theater enterprise management to ensure configuration and security requirements were met. Stokes was also a Risk Management Officer responsible for accessing and tracking the risk associated with over 200 enterprise systems in Iraq. Additionally, he was a primary advisor to the Director of Communications and Information Systems. Having served as an Information Security Officer at Victory Base, Iraq, he was responsible for the security of more than 120,000 mission-critical endpoints.

Preceding his six years working overseas, Stokes worked as an engineer for DISA and a Technical Project Manager for a sizeable native-owned company where he integrated IT and InfoSec resources at numerous military installations. Stokes also spent 12 years on active duty in the US Army and separated as a Senior Non-commissioned Officer.

As a strategist and leader, Stokes is known for building well-rounded teams with expertise in developing and delivering tailored solutions for a myriad of industry verticals. His strong project management skills and ability to build flexible, long-term plans have resulted in increasingly significant renewals and scope for customer organizations.

His career is committed to security engineering, increasing visibility, risk management, and improving efficiency while using automation wherever possible.

When Stokes is not actively developing innovative solutions to reduce cyber risk, he can be found woodworking, gardening, camping and canoeing in Florida, as well as enjoying quality time with his daughter. Stokes believes in the elegance and efficiency of simplicity in life and work. Identity is the only perimeter. Fight bad guys and defend the network.