New Jersey awards $3.8 million in Transit Village grants

Feb. 3, 2022
An additional allocation tripled FY22’s grant funds with 14 municipalities benefiting from the multi-agency smart growth initiative.

The state of New Jersey has awarded $3.8 million in FY2022 Transit Village grants to 14 municipalities in nine counties.

“Our administration is committed to reducing the effects of climate change, and one of the best ways to do that is improving public transportation to reduce our reliance on cars,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. “This year we dedicated substantially more funding to the Transit Village program to redevelop areas around our transit facilities by providing housing and business options within walking distance.”

The Transit Village program is a multi-agency smart growth initiative, in which municipalities that have transit facilities within their borders can seek to be designated as a Transit Village by developing plans for dense, mixed-use redevelopment that includes housing near their transit facility. The facility can service commuter rail, bus, ferry or light rail. The state says the initiative creates incentives to revitalize areas around transit stations to create attractive, vibrant, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods where people can live, shop, work and play without relying on automobiles.

“The increase in Transit Village grants means more communities will be able to fund projects that promote economic growth near rail and bus stations,” said New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner and New Jersey Transit Chair Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti. “Initiatives like the Transit Village program ensures our entire transportation system is modern, accessible, and equitable, benefitting all New Jersey residents and visitors.”

The program typically has $1 million every year for Transit Village grants, but the program has an additional $2.8 million for FY2022. The extra funds were provided through an additional $13.5 million appropriated for Grants-in-Aid programs, specifically for the Transit Village Program, the Safe Streets to Transit Program and for Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities/Accommodations.

A full list of Transit Village grant recipients is available at the state of New Jersey’s website.

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