Five good things in transit for March 25

March 25, 2020
This is a two to three minute read and you'll leave smiling. We promise.

Our third installment of "Five good things" includes impressive arts and crafts designed to leave warm fuzzies, stop gaps for those of us who actually miss our commute and an example of what the transit industry can do when help is needed.

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Greater Cleveland RTA has some generous, and may we also add seriously crafty, folks on the payroll. 

Speaking of crafty, look at this delightful sign along a BC Transit route.  

Kera Till's "Commuting in Corona Times" is a network map for the modern age.  

For those who are starting to notice your straphanger muscle is beginning to weaken, we've found a solution. 

Our final and favorite "good thing" of the day is Transit Twitter showing up big time for a dad in need. At last count, this father's request for transit photos for his son who is on the spectrum produced 487 replies (containing some excellent images), 322 retweets, 1,300 likes and at least one invitation for a visit once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.  

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