Five good things in transit for March 24

March 24, 2020
There are good things happening, one just needs to look a little.

We continue our "Five good things" look this week with a mish-mash roundup that includes German humor, (what we hope is) help for working from home/new home-schooling parents and puppies. Remember, if you have good news to share, tag us on Twitter @masstransitmag, or use #MTgoodnewstransit. 

First, let's talk business: Congrats to Valley Metro for taking delivery of new light-rail vehicles:

No matter how harsh social media trolls may be, remember there are folks out there who choose transit:

BVG operates public transport in Berlin, Germany. Even in the midst of its own ridership decline due to the coronavirus, it found humor with the following post, which translates to "Who left their valuables in the M85?" At least that's what Google Translate tells us.

Mass Transit Executive Editor Mischa Wanek-Libman can vouch for the usefulness of these activity sheets. They kept her first grader busy for six emails. 

Finally, the promised puppies. If not for Calgary Transit, we would have missed National Puppy Day, marked in both the U.S. and Canada on March 23 (again, according to Google). This post is worth a click through to see all the cute pups who call Calgary home. 

Once more for those in the back: we're on the hunt for good news and we're here all week. Tag us on Twitter @masstransitmag or use #MTgoodnewstransit. 


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