Five good things in transit for March 23

March 23, 2020
It's a tough time for everyone in the transit industry. Here are five good things that we hope bring a smile to your face.

Rough doesn't quite sum up the current business environment. Ridership is down, taking sales tax revenue and fare revenue down with it. Bad news is in abundance.

We are attempting to try something new with "Five good things." It's based on a lesson we learned from everyone's favorite neighbor, Mr. Rogers, who is famous for an interview where he explained he looked for those performing good deeds whenever something bad happened. 

There are plenty of studies indicating the positive impact "good" news can have on productivity and efficiency, so let's find the good. Have a goofy fur-baby or a cute human baby dressed in agency swag? An impromptu sing along on a bus or train? A transit-specific Dad Joke (with safe-for-work language, please)? We want to hear about it. Tag us on twitter @masstransitmag or use #MTgoodnewstransit. All we need is five feel-good things a day.

We may not have themes everyday, but today we focus on "gratitude." From riders, to agencies, to communities, to former Presidents of the United States, there was a lot of gratitude being fueled by the transit industry. Here are five posts.

Thank you from riders:

Thank you from various systems for NOT riding when you can stay home:

Thank you for letting transit operators "go" when they are on the go:

Recognizing that transit operators fall into the front line category and saying thank you:

Finally, last week was Transit Driver Appreciation Day. Some systems postponed under the circumstances, while others proceeded with the day. As far as we're concerned, everyday should be #TransitDriverAppreciationDay: