Mass Transit Weekly Video Update 5/20/2016

May 20, 2016
Maryland MTA CEO announces Roadeo competitors, a snappy Q&A recruitment video, TfL celebrates women in transit, & Metro Transit officer cuts hair for wigs for women with cancer.

Transport for London continues to celebrate women in transit with its 100 Years of Women in Transport campaign—which looks at the history of women operators and what they’ve achieved through the years.

MTA Administrator and CEO Paul Comfort announced the drivers and operators that would be participating in the 2016 APTA Bus Rodeo at the Bus and Paratransit Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Metro Transit Police Officer Bret Fraser grew his hair out for 20 months in order to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a program that creates wigs for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer.

Reaching for millennials British Transport Police made use of technology – using Snapchat in a unique recruitment video for its cadets program.