TriMet's Safety Campaign: Stay Alert. Stay Alive.

April 28, 2016
TriMet encouraging people to "Pause your play" and "Hold that thought" when crossing train tracks or streets.

TriMet launched a safety campaign encouraging people to Pause your play and Hold that thought when crossing train tracks or streets. Whether listening to music, talking with a friend, texting or scanning a phone, it takes just a moment to pause the distraction and be aware of surroundings.

study by the Pew Research Center found that 53 percent of all adult cell phone users have bumped into something or someone — or have been on the receiving end of a bump — due to distracted walking. Those in the 18-to-24 age range run into this problem even more, with 51 percent admitting to doing the bumping and 71 percent saying they’ve been the “bumpee.” It might look funny on YouTube when it involves a fountain — not so much when it involves a train or bus.

Last November, TriMet released this close-call video, in which pedestrians wearing earbuds crossed right in front of a train, seemingly unaware. Now TriMet is releasing new videos it hopes will get people’s attention to “pay attention” when crossing streets and tracks, and when biking as well.

Stay Alert. Stay Alive.

Every day, bus and rail operators contend with distracted pedestrians and cyclists crossing against signals and showing a lack of awareness around their vehicles. While they do their part to operate our buses and trains safely, riders need to do their part, too.

  • Stop, look up from devices and look both ways
  • Obey signals
  • Remove headphones or an earbud, or stop the conversation while crossing
  • Don’t run across, even if it means waiting for the next walk signal or catching the next bus or train
  • Make sure umbrellas, hoods and other apparel don’t block your view

TriMet cameras captured the following videos that aren’t meant to shame anyone, but to show how dangerous a lack of awareness is. We want everyone to stay alert and stay alive.