Mass Transit TV: 5/4/12

May 3, 2012
Brought to you by SinglePoint Communications, this cast looks at a new milestone for the RTC's employer transportation program in Las Vegas, what some university students created to keep passengers healthy in Houston, and hear about some of the latest trends in video surveillance.

This newscast is brought to you by SinglePoint Communications, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Wi-Fi in Motion — an innovative suite of products designed to offer high-speed wireless Internet on public transit vehicles. With Wi-Fi in Motion, transit agencies can offer more reasons to ride, keeping customers connected to fast, free Wi-Fi.

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada has Club Ride Commuter Services, an employer-based sustainable transportation program. Recently, two employers were the first to join the program at the platinum partner level. 

In Houston, five senior Rice University students have created a system for public transit that would continually clear the air of pathogens that can lead to tuberculosis, flu and pneumonia.

City administrators, technology vendors, transit security professionals and law enforcement officials from across the nation gathered last week at the Secured Cities conference in Chicago to network with peers and learn about the latest trends impacting municipal surveillance projects.