HART Bus Operators Honored for Million of Miles of Safe Driving

Aug. 3, 2018
Thirteen Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority operators, joined by their families, were recognized on Tuesday, July 31.

Imagine driving a million miles — 40 times around the earth's circumference — without a preventable accident. Now envision accomplishing such a feat as the driver of a 40-foot bus.

Thirteen Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority operators, joined by their families, were recognized on Tuesday, July 31, during the Authority's Third Annual HART Million Mile Safe Driver Awards Luncheon in honor of those who achieved outstanding safety milestones in safe driving and service.

How far is a million miles? It is equivalent or it can be compared to driving 769 one-way trips — from Tampa to New York City.

"In today's driving conditions these operators have accomplished something that demonstrates their high level of safety consciousness and commitment to the safety of their passengers, fellow motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists," said HART Interim CEO Jeff Seward. "We congratulate these accomplished bus operators and thank them for their hard work and dedication. These elite men and women consistently demonstrate advanced skills and concentration levels to achieve the Million Miler status."

One could travel to the moon and back twice before reaching a million miles, yet 11 HART Bus Operators achieved this well within earth's atmosphere. Driving 14 consecutive years without a preventable accident, the Authority's newest Million Mile operators are Kenneth Beach, Rufus Blake, Theresa Briseneau, Tito Goicochea, Marc Henry, Dinesta McBride, Henry Morales, Gustavo Pachon, Jimmy Suarez, Bridget Williams, and Tyran Williams.

"HART's Million Mile Safe Driver Awards program allows executive leadership and management to recognize and honor those who have served the public in a safe and customer-centric manner," said Chief Administrative Officer and Interim Chief of Staff Kenyatta Lee. "This is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for the best of the best, who take great care of the Authority's customers and vehicles. "

HART bus operators Cosme Garcia and Tony Hernandez join the prestigious two million mile club. In the world of a HART bus operator, this incredible achievement equates to 27 years of driving a bus without having a preventable accident.

When asked what it requires to drive so many miles without a preventable accident, two million miler Operator Cosme Garcia said that it is a great accomplishment. You see others achieve it and you strive for it. "As a driver, you appreciate this perhaps more than others might, just by witnessing all the incidents that take place on the road. The key to safety is not only to be focused on your actions but also be observant of other's actions to ensure nothing happens," he said.