Buses: the Solution to Pollution

June 21, 2018
Xplore Dundee is showing its commitment to improving air quality in Dundee by investing £4 million ($5.30 million) in cleaner, greener vehicles.

Xplore Dundee is showing its commitment to improving air quality in Dundee by investing £4 million ($5.30 million) in cleaner, greener vehicles.  

The bus operator also on June 21 launched its air quality agenda to coincide with Clean Air Day.

Managing Director Christine McGlasson has today told the city’s councilors and local environmental groups that 14 new low-emission smart hybrid buses are on their way to the city this autumn. 

The investment has been welcomed by Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Health and Dundee East MSP Shona Robison — she said: “I am delighted that Xplore Dundee is investing £4 million ($5.30 million) into a new fleet of low-emission buses. At a time when Dundee is modernizing and planning for the future, initiatives to improve air-quality for local residents can only be considered a good thing.

“This is a great boost to Dundee’s environmental credentials and will help to make our city greener. I applaud Xplore Dundee for their efforts and am looking forward to my first journey!”

The new double deckers, dubbed ‘Emerald’, will operate principally on Service 22, ensuring the fleet’s cleanest vehicles will be travelling through Seagate, one of Dundee’s air quality hotspots. Built in Scotland by Falkirk manufacturers Alexander Dennis Ltd, the buses will have extra leg room, free wi-fi, USB charging and next stop announcements.

Xplore Dundee Managing Director Christine McGlasson said: “We are investing more than £4m in these clean, green vehicles which have Euro VI engines — the least polluting engine possible. Not only will they help to reduce harmful emissions on Dundee’s streets, they are hi-spec on the interior, offering customers increased comfort and modern facilities such as WiFi and USB charging facilities.

“We take very seriously our role in recognizing and reducing our city’s air quality issues. We are therefore actively embracing clean technology in our fleet - because we want to run buses that are green inside and out.” 

She added “We’re getting ready for Dundee’s Low Emission Zones, which are scheduled to be introduced in the next couple of years. 

“We want to make sure our vehicles are truly a viable alternative to leaving the car behind and taking public transport. Providing great value travel right across Dundee on comfortable, modern and clean vehicles makes taking the bus a really attractive option in the face of the air quality crisis which affects all of us.”

Lynne Short convener of Dundee City Council's city development committee said: "I am delighted that Xplore Dundee is improving its fleet with the addition of more than a dozen Scottish-built, low emission smart vehicles.

"The council is working closely with its partners, including Xplore Dundee, to improve the quality of the air for people who live or work in the city and for visitors.
"Everyone benefits from better air quality, but it is also everyone's responsibility to think about their individual or corporate contribution and having a national Clean Air Day helps to do that in a very specific way."

On Clean Air Day 2018 the bus operator urged local people to join them in campaigning for a better environment in the city — Christine McGlasson said: “Xplore Dundee backs the bid to improve air quality because we want the best possible future for this city and its people — where traffic moves a little faster and the air is a lot healthier.

“This is our message on Clean Air Day 2018 as we look to the future: buses are not part of the problem - they are the solution to pollution.”