TEMSA Continues to Make a Difference in Smart Transportation Solutions

Nov. 8, 2017
The first brand to offer smart transportation solutions with the motto “smart mobility”, TEMSA has continued with its technological revolutions.

The first brand to offer smart transportation solutions with the motto “smart mobility”, TEMSA has continued with its technological revolutions. The Fleetics system co-developed with STM is launched at the Busworld Kortrijk Exhibition. Fleetics uses artificial intelligence and optimization techniques to analyze and interpret all the collected data. The thematic smart transportation products developed make it possible to guide business processes.

TEMSA promoted seven vehicles, two of which were new, at the Busworld Exhibition, it also launched a brand new technology. TEMSA’s Marketing and Innovation Manager Mert Özkaynak presented the product Fleetics at a press meeting held at TEMSA’s booth.

The TEMSA-STM partnership

Mert Özkaynak announced that STM and TEMSA gave the go-ahead to develop new technologies for smart vehicles in line with the cooperation protocol they signed on September 5, 2016, and added, “Starting with this partnership, these two companies have set off on a long journey to cooperate in the fields of ‘Smart Vehicles, Big Data Analytics, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Security’. The first prototype product that focuses on big data analytics and is the outcome of comprehensive efforts made as part of the deal was introduced with the motto Smart Mobility at the International TRANSIST Exhibition held in Istanbul on December 1-3, 2016, and was awarded a prize in technology development.”

Real-time tracking through data and enhanced safety

STM Deputy General Manager Ömer Korkut emphasized that as a result of the R&D work conducted jointly by STM and TEMSA, another new technological product was developed, and said, “Thanks to the product Fleetics we are presenting to you today, we are now able to examine data that is collected from smart buses and trucks with real-time methods using big data infrastructures and data science techniques. Depending on the wear of spare parts, possible breakdowns can be predicted before they occur. Driver behavior can be modeled, and models to avoid accidents and increase passenger safety can be generated. This product has been designed to respond to possible problems using artificial intelligence. Fleetics can run advanced analytics with all collected data. Data can be examined and interpreted using artificial intelligence and optimization techniques. In Turkey as well as abroad, we will offer the thematic smart transportation products we develop as commercial products to fleet owners, logistics companies, insurance companies, government agencies and the users of all these vehicles that will become part of the smart ecosystem through the Internet of Things.”