BAF's Releases Statement on the House of Representatives’ Passage of H.R. 22

Nov. 5, 2015

Today, Building America’s Future President (BAF) Marcia Hale issued the following statement regarding H.R. 22, which passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 363-64:

“We are pleased to see that the House of Representatives has come together around a bipartisan and multi-year highway and transit funding bill, rather than yet another short-term patch. Congress has a history of kicking the can down the road with short-term funding bills that make it highly difficult for projects — such as road and bridge maintenance, and transit network repairs — to start or continue. While we see this long-term bill as a positive sign, we still believe that the funding levels outlined in H.R. 22 are less than optimal, and will hardly make a dent in the massive infrastructure and transportation funding deficit currently facing our country.  We hope that lawmakers in both chambers of Congress recognize this, and will continue to look for additional revenue sources to fund our crumbling roads, bridges, rails and ports.”