Graffiti-Shield Inc. Completes Installation on College Campus

Oct. 27, 2015

When Cabrillo College in Watsonville, California, decided to remodel their campus bathrooms, they immediately began to look at solutions to ensure the longevity of the new bathroom partitions.

Options were limited as very few products exist in the industry that combat the vandalism and graffiti damage that so commonly occur in campus restrooms. After seeing a sample of Metal Shield from Graffiti-­Shield Inc. — a 6.5 Mil thick anti — graffiti abatement and obscuring film applied to existing metal surfaces — College Planning and Operations reached out to see if the company could offer a solution.

“Cabrillo College reached out to us with an issue and a tight timeline. Having installed more than a million square feet of Metal Shield on the L.A. mass transit system to attain a similar goal, we knew we could provide them with an optimal solution” says Courtney Green, director of operations at Graffiti‑Shield Inc. The installation required approximately 300 square feet of custom fit Metal Shield and was installed on partitions in ten bathrooms across campus.

“This project is a great example of the growing trend we see in schools, as property protection continues to gain recognition as a legitimate option on college campuses across the country,” says Green. Through the installation of this product, the College’s investment in their campus is expected to have a significantly prolonged impact on the appearance of the restrooms. And, as Courtney candidly pointed out, “If vandals insist on causing damage, we can simply remove the film and replace it with a new piece. It’s a considerably more affordable option that starting from scratch.”

Graffiti Shield Inc.
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