Tri Delta Transit Board Approves Fare Increase

Sept. 9, 2015

At the monthly meeting of the board of directors, Tri Delta Transit’s 11-member Board voted unanimously to approve proposed pass, fare, and transfer changes associated with the acceptance of Clipper in East Contra Costa County. The Board voted unanimously to approve the following motions:

  • Change 24-Hour Passes to Day Passes expiring at 2:59 a.m. after purchase/validation
  • Increase Day Pass fares to $3.75 for general public and $1.75 for senior/disabled
  • Provide a free transfer between Tri Delta Transit buses with Clipper Card use within 120 minutes of initial tag/use.

No changes will be made to single-ride cash fares, 20-Ride Passes and 31-Day Passes.

The approved changes will take effect once Clipper is activated on Tri Delta Transit buses. The estimated date is Nov. 1.