LIUNA Statement on Senate Effort to Pass Highway Bill

July 20, 2015

Terry O’Sullivan, general president of LIUNA made the following statement July 17 in support of the United States Senate's efforts to pass a long term Highway bill before Congress goes on vacation.

Senators Inhofe (R-OK), Boxer (D-CA), and McConnell (R-KY) should be commended for their efforts to find a pathway forward for a six-year bipartisan Highway bill that will help keep motorists safe, create good jobs, repair our crumbling transportation infrastructure, and keep our nation competitive. 

It is encouraging that some Senators are stepping forward to find a solution that will provide long-term sustainable investment. Too many lives are at stake, too many jobs are at risk and our nation’s place in the world is threatened without it.

Partisan efforts by some in Congress to delay consideration of a long-term Highway bill represents the kind of foot-dragging and political cowardice that disgusts voters.  Any worker who failed at their job as many times as Congress has, would be fired.

After more than 30 extensions, it is time for our political leaders to reject political calculations and do their jobs and pass a long term Highway bill before going on vacation.