Goal Systems Plan Buses in Saudi Arabia

Goal Systems has recently signed a contract in Saudi Arabia with the Saudi Public Transport Company in Riyadh, a merged company of the RATP Dev and SAPTCO, through which the multinational of Spanish origin will implement the GoalBus and GoalDriver tools in the bus network of this city.

It involves the acquisition of 739 licenses in order to operate in the Riyadh bus network which is divided into 3 groups: bus rapid transit, the common bus lines and the feeder bus lines.

The project involves 22 lines with 512 buses for BRT and common bus lines and 227 buses in the feeder lines. The planned date for putting the project into production is 2017. The tools of Goal Systems were used in order to propose the programming with most quality and optimization possible from the tender stage.

Goal Systems considers the Middle East to be a strategic area where it wishes to continue working in the grand projects which are already under way in Qatar, Riyadh and the Medina-Mecca High-Speed Railway, leading modernization and sustainability in the planning of the transport systems.



July 18, 2012