Maxwell Technologies Introduces 24-Volt, Ultracapacitor-Based ESM

April 22, 2015

Maxwell Technologies Inc. on April 22 announced the availability of its 24-volt ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module (ESM), ideal for improving equipment uptime and power reliability in buses and industrial vehicles.

The 24-volt ESM enables vehicles to start in the face of cold weather and infrequent starting. 

“Maxwell’s 24-volt ESM enables our 6.7 liter diesel-equipped machines to successfully start at arctic temperatures, even with batteries that have been intentionally drained,” said Charles Hedrick III, control systems and electrical engineer at Manitowoc Cranes, a major manufacturer of industrial cranes and a user of the 24-volt ESM. “By removing the batteries from the cranking equation, the ESM allows machines to provide stable power to sensitive electronics, preventing the problems that coincide with trying to start a machine with dead batteries.”

Jeff Brakley, senior business portfolio manager at Maxwell Technologies, said, “We always strive to bring our customers new technologies that make it easier to conduct business efficiently and effectively. The addition of the 24-volt ESM brings the benefits of reliable starting to a wider market, minimizing the effects of low temperatures and long periods of downtime for companies in the transportation, construction, agriculture, forestry and mining industries."

There are two models of the 24-volt ESM: The ULTRA 31/900/24V for starting diesel engines up to 12.5 liters and the ULTRA 31/1100/24V for engines up to 15.0 liters. Both are packaged in BCI Group 31 form factor.

The Maxwell 24-volt, ultracapacitor-based engine start module will be generally available beginning in mid-May.