OSPT Alliance Welcomes Stratos Group

Feb. 18, 2015

The Open Standard for Public Transport (OSPT) Alliance has strengthened its presence in Latin America with the addition of Strategic Solutions Group (Stratos Group) to its membership.

Based in the Columbian city of Medellín, Stratos Group, which has joined the alliance as an Associate Member, works with a number of strategic partners to provide technology solutions to streamline the organization of the city’s bus lines. The company, via its transport and intelligent fleet management systems, has already provided Medellín with a number of solutions for the centralized monitoring and management of its bus fleets.

Jaime Patiño, C.E.O. of Stratos Group, comments, “We see interoperability between technologies as a key challenge which the public transport industry needs to overcome. An open standard such as CIPURSE will provide numerous benefits to the transport fare collection market, including greater flexibility for transport system operators and improved market responsiveness.

“We joined the OSPT Alliance because we want to be the first company in Colombia to implement its CIPURSE open standard and to lead the way for the rest of Latin America. We see the organization as one of the most important bodies for transport in the world right now and we look forward to contributing our expertise and sharing our experiences with the alliance.”

Laurent Cremer, executive director of OSPT Alliance, adds, “It is always exciting to see our membership continue to grow and witness CIPURSE adoption in new countries. Stratos Group will be the first company in Colombia to implement CIPURSE and represents a welcome addition to our burgeoning Latin American membership. We look forward to supporting Stratos Group with its implementation efforts and eagerly anticipate its contributions to the organization.”