Lightning Hybrids Debut its Hybrid System on Step Van

Feb. 17, 2015

Lightning Hybrids will introduce the application of its first emission-reducing brake regeneration technology on a walk-in box truck. The debut will take place during the South Shore Clean Cities annual meeting in Merrillville, Indiana, on Feb. 17. Lightning Hybrids’ system on the vehicle, featuring a Ford F59 chassis and Morgan Olson Route Star walk-in van body, enhances fuel efficiency while significantly reducing emissions.

To achieve reduced emissions and fuel economy gains, Lightning Hybrids applies a hydraulic system to the driveline of a vehicle to regenerate braking energy, which is stored and used for the next acceleration. The system, which does not have electric batteries, uses this otherwise wasted energy for acceleration, supplementing power from the internal combustion engine to reduce fuel costs for fleet owners and greatly cut emissions. The company’s system decreases emission of nitrogen oxides, the key ingredient in harmful smog, by up to 90 percent and enhances fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent. Additionally, the hybrid system dramatically lengthens brake life and the increased low-end torque improves acceleration.

“Lightning Hybrids is providing the heavy-duty marketplace with the hybrid technology needed to transform fleets to more environmentally friendly operations, while reducing operating costs associated with fuel and maintenance,” said Dave Brosky, vice president of sales, Lightning Hybrids. “We are excited to participate in the South Shore Clean Cities event and demonstrate the integral role hybrid systems will play in the quest to enhance work truck efficiency.”

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