Lima Modernizes Public Transport

Feb. 11, 2015

The Peruvian capital city Lima has been investing heavily for some years in the modernization of its public transport system. This includes calls for new tenders for numerous important connections such as the Lima–Callao service. Since the start of this year the Grupo Express Perú (GEP Lima) has been operating a regular service with 150 buses between the capital city and the country’s chief seaport. IVU Traffic Technologies is supplying its IVU.suite for the scheduling and control of vehicles and personnel. The e-ticketing system is also provided by the Berlin-based IT specialists for public transport.

Many bus services in Lima operated in the past without any timetable or definite departure times. For the new Lima–Callao concession, GEP Lima now wants to attract passengers by offering a reliable service with punctual departures and high quality standards. In order to achieve this, the company is placing its trust in the IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies AG. The project was launched Nov. 28.

“We are proud that with Lima we are able to support another major city with the modernization of their public transport system”, says Claudia Feix, branch head of IVU Traffic Technologies AG for Latin America. “Many cities in South America are facing similar problems and are beginning to establish a modern public transport infrastructure. With the expertise we have gained from previous projects on the continent, we are in a position to provide them with valuable impulses.”

IVU Traffic Technologies AG
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