Kinetics Hybrids Now Offered with Leasing Terms

Feb. 2, 2015

Crosspoint Kinetics announced a special financing program for commercial fleets and transit agencies through Pro Leasing Services. The new program makes greening a fleet easy for those who prefer to pay for the hybrid systems over time.

Fleet owners and managers can choose to retrofit their existing fleet with the Kinetics Hybrid or order it to be installed on new vehicles. They can also use the program to refinance their current fleet vehicles or purchase new ones with the Kinetics Hybrid system installed.

The new leasing program is flexible, allowing fleets to select terms that best fit their needs and goals. Many fleets, for instance, may apply their monthly fuel savings to pay the lease.

"Pro Leasing is excited to work with Crosspoint Kinetics to provide financing for their fleet customers," said Monica Diehl, business development manager for Pro Leasing. "Our 'Go Green' initiative is a great way for fleets to be more environmentally conscious while they also better manage cash flow."

"We're focused on providing innovative ways for fleets achieve their green goals," said Amy Dobrikova, director of business development and strategy for Crosspoint Kinetics. "This program is ideal for small to mid-sized fleets who want to enjoy the money saving benefits of the Kinetics Hybrid today but pay for it as it's being used."