Building America’s Future Co-Chairs Applaud State of the Union

Jan. 21, 2015
Administration’s new plan for infrastructure investment comes at critical time for nation’s highway system, ports, airports and water systems.

In his State of the Union address tonight, President Obama shared his vision for his administration’s recently announced plan to attract new sources of revenue to fund roads, bridges, ports and water systems. Building America’s Future co-chairs Ray LaHood and Ed Rendell applauded the administration’s new plan.

“I am very pleased that President Obama emphasized the dire need for increased investment in America’s roads and bridges in this year’s State of the Union address,” said former Secretary of Transportation and Building America’s Future co-chair Ray LaHood. “America is one big pothole and we’re facing substandard roads and bridges that are structurally deficient from coast to coast. This country is facing an infrastructure crisis and we need to take action immediately.”  

“President Obama and Vice President Biden’s leadership on this important issue has been greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing their new plan for bonding measures and public-private partnerships to take shape,” said former Pennsylvania Governor and Building America’s Future co-chair Ed Rendell. “Our country is desperate for progress, and an investment in our roads and bridges is a smart investment in creating good paying middle class jobs– something I know the president cares about deeply.”