TD-LTE and New Product Additions Fuel Impressive Growth for RFS in 2014

Jan. 13, 2015
Long-standing customer relationships and market-leading success for LTE, in-tunnel, subway and DAS applications contribute to continued profitability.

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) announced Jan. 13 continued growth in 2014, marked by milestones including a successful rollout of the company’s new TD-LTE product suite featuring Hybriflex cables, expanded jumper styles, beamforming antennas and connectors. The TD-LTE line consists of a wide variety of technologies. RFS TD-LTE products were featured in over 11,000 carrier sites in 2014 alone.

To support its continued growth, RFS further expanded its distribution network to ensure that products are delivered to customers where and when they are needed. New partners include Alliance Communications and Anixter. The company also enhanced its sales team and expanded in-region presence and support in California to help serve the rapidly expanding needs of the region, as well opening a distribution center for enhanced delivery and to  help reduce lead time for products from Asia.

In 2014, RFS also introduced a number of new base station antennas. RFS debuted the new RF X-Treme FWW series base station antennas for high frequency spectrum bands up to 2360 MHz to support the 700 MHz spectrum increasingly used for public safety communications.  The antennas support multiple bands, including LTE 700, CDMA 850, PCS 1900 and AWS 2100.

RFS also announced SiteExpress tower top component solutions supporting multiple technologies – including LTE. Designed to be shipped to customer sites tested and ready to be hoisted and installed at the top of a tower, SiteExpress simplifies on-site base station installation efforts.

Several new additions were made to the CompactLine Easy microwave antennas, including the new 3ft SC3/SCX3 series antennas to enable RFS customers to overcome microwave backhaul and reduce TCO. Additionally, the company announced the new SC3/SCX3 antennas can be used to support wireless applications in the 6GHz frequency band under revised FCC guidelines that permit the use of 3ft antennas in the commonly-used frequency. SC3/SCX3 series antennas are more than 20 percent lighter than competing products on the market.  Two additions were also made to the CompactLine Easy family for the E-band with the RFS E-band (71-86GHz) antennas, the SB1-W800C and the SC2-W800BYYY, designed to provide the optimal combination of electrical and mechanical performance coupled with cost-effectiveness.