Talking Audio Amplifiers Target ADA, Signage and Onboard Bus/Rail Systems

Oct. 20, 2014
TextSpeak ships speech synthesis hardware in 20 languages to provide audio announcements for transit infrastructure, vehicles, kiosks and unattended platforms.

For the first time, multi-lingual announcements in human quality voices can be generated directly from a low cost module or in a full featured mountable audio amplifier. At APTA 2014, TextSpeak has released both the tiny TTS-EM module and the TTS-EN-M amplifier system to offer the most sophisticated voice synthesis paging and announcement product family of its kind. The stand-alone packages require only a digital input signal and a speaker connection to produce spoken audio with integrated Text-To-Speech. The conversion of informational data to a clear, natural sounding voice is completely automatic.

Dynamic and real-time passenger information, announcements and security warnings can be spoken from message queues, CAD/AVL systems, streaming data or directly from typed text. The TextSpeak intelligent core, the TTS-EM, is available in a 1”x2” board level module and also integrated into the TTS-EN-M as a powerful onboard amplifier solution.

Bus and rail cars can now deploy the EN-M onboard to improve real-time audio announcements. Digital signage can support ADA and disability audio announcements with the push of a button.

Unattended bus stops and rail platforms that are silent can be upgraded to support arrival/departure announcements at extremely low costs.

Designed from the ground up to support transportation, the TTS-EM and EN-M series scale to meet these demanding requirements.

  • Speech can be created from existing sources, such as feeds to new and legacy scrolling LED digital signage. When added to scrolling LED data feeds, ADA audio informational alerts can be started with the push of a button and/or launched remotely by automated systems.
  • When deployed onboard to vehicles, the TTS-EN-M provides dynamic announcement on dual integrated 25 watt amplifiers using microphones, pre-recorded wave files and data streams to feed the integrated royalty free text to speech processors.
  • Deployment of  TextSpeak technology adds audio announcements to silent remote locations such as parking lots, platforms, trams, buses, gates and tunnel systems.

"The speech quality we digitally synthesize is nearly indistinguishable from a spoken human voice," said Nancy Wolfe, president of TextSpeak. “We have removed the requirement of a computer interface and created flexible deployment models with a suite of world languages. This will enable rail, bus, marine and land transit systems a means to modernize audio delivery at a low cost that leverages their existing wiring and infrastructure.”

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