OH: Can Tokens Prevent the Spread of Germs?

Jan. 17, 2014
Anti-microbial effects of copper alloys noted in labratory studies.

Laboratory studies show that copper alloys including brass, bronze, copper nickel, and nickel bronze, have natural anti-microbial properties. 

In controlled tests, 99.99 percent of dangerous bacteria were killed within 2 hours of contact.   That could be good news for public transit system employees and the many patrons that frequent them, because this natural germ suppression may control the spread of germs within trains, busses, transportation terminals, parking lots and garages, and other venues where tokens are often used.

"These are the most common metals used for mass transit and parking,” said Osborne Coinage Director of Marketing David Blumenfeld, “And now we’re learning that they have inherent anti-microbial properties.  Tokens may actually help control the spread of germs, which is certainly welcome news for those riding and working within public transportation and those who handle parking tokens.”

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