UL Certification for FMNA Water Mist Automatic Fire Suppression System

Sept. 23, 2013
FMNA is pleased to announce the UL certification for its water mist automatic fire suppression system (AFSS).

FMNA is pleased to announce the UL certification for its water mist automatic fire suppression system (AFSS). Underwriters Laboratories (UL) performed more than 100 tests to measure system effectiveness under a variety of conditions, including multiple fire sources and scenarios. The certification, which included both system and component-level testing, focused on life cycle operation, environmental tests, product performance and overall durability.

Ray Melleady, managing director North America, said, “Underwriters Laboratories is the most prominent and trusted source for certification in the industry. We are honored by this certification and its recognition of the FMNA product performance and reliability.”

The patented, high pressure FMNA water mist fire suppression system attacks all three parts of the fire triangle: heat, fuel, oxygen. The vaporization of water into water mist displaces the oxygen, suppresses fires in seconds and rapidly cools the compartment. Tests show a 1321 F temperature reduction in less than 10 seconds.

The FMNA AF³ solution blankets the fuel source. Unlike powder systems, the FMNA water mist system uses inert materials and is quick and easy to clean up; there is no powder mess.

FMNA systems are DOT compliant, approved by FIA and The International Motor Sport Association, and are compatible for use in hybrid propulsion systems.

USSC Group has rebranded its fire suppression subsidiary, Fogmaker North America, as FMNA. There are more than 80,000 Fogmaker units installed worldwide.