Saelig Introduces PC-based Universal PCB Test System

Aug. 13, 2013
Saelig Co. Inc. has introduced the System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus used by mass-transit systems worldwide to keep their systems running.

Saelig Co. Inc. has introduced the System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus – a unique, versatile, easy-to-use PCB test system that uses a selection of CD-drive-size modules to create a PC-driven PCB test station – used by mass-transit systems worldwide to keep their systems running.

The System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus, which can be built in a PC case or 19” rack-mounted, is based on a comprehensive set of test instruments for complete testing and fault-finding needs on almost any kind of PCB. Equally at home with analog or digital PCBs, the System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus incorporates a full range of test instruments in one compact box, with a variety of available test methods, to create a cost-effective solution for electronics faultfinding across a wide range of industries, including aircraft and transportation maintenance, PCB production houses, manufacturing, etc.

Proactive maintenance is a key strategy to keep ageing infrastructure running without delays. System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus has been implemented at all levels of the maintenance chain for both fixed stock (permanent infrastructure, signaling and communications) and rolling stock (on-board electronics dealing with traction, braking, air conditioning etc). Due to the large size of many mass transit organizations, System 8 is chosen for its flexibility with test procedures that can be shared between offices. The interactive nature of these procedures (videos, photos, office documents etc…) reduces the risk of error and the time required to repair PCBs.

System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus can be used to soak (or cycle) test the repaired boards for 48 hours before they are placed back on trains (due to rigorous safety regulations). Unique TestFlows (automated test sequences) can be developed for all types of boards to acquire, check and log a range of measurements.

The System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus offers 64 digital and 24 analog test channels to provide a variety of test and measurement techniques to track down the most elusive faults, even on unpowered boards. Comparing results with a known good board with automated-sequence fault-finding procedures, fault diagnosis becomes possible by minimally-trained staff. System 8 Software can be configured to guide users step-by-step through a test procedure, with custom-annotated picture images, instructions, and attached datasheets to give quick Pass/Fail results. This is much faster and more economical than using traditional oscilloscopes, meters and other bench test methods.

A simple starter system can be built with one or two test modules, but this can be expanded as future needs arise.

Many repair centers around the world are equipped with the System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus, offering optimal fault coverage and maintenance capabilities to a wide range of customers. The System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus is frequently the test instrument of choice in the areas of telecommunications, transportation, and automotive manufacturing. Many land forces, air force and navy organizations around the globe use System 8 Diagnostic Solution Plus to provide on-site test and repair, avoiding time-consuming returns to distant repair sites. Applications include: PCB testing and troubleshooting, digital/analog IC test, digital/analog V-I test, visual short identification with audible/visual indication of probe distance to short, live board comparison, manufacturing defects analysis, power-on/power-off testing, QA reporting, embedded real-time control, calculation and logging, component and board testing, digital and analog functional tests , automated test sequences, etc.

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