Tackle Poor Tire Maintenance

July 23, 2013
The Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer is a high-flow dual regulator tire inflation system engineered to accurately read tire pressure and inflate/deflate up to five tires at once.

The IPA Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer introduces a new method to accurately read and inflate tire pressure on multiple tires at the same time.

IPA has launched the equalizer to help fleets ensure they are realizing the greatest fuel economy and tire life possible to help reduce costs. Minute discrepancies in tire inflation can have profound effects on both tread wear and fuel economy as even a ¼ inch variance in tire size will cause the larger tire to support extra weight. When added to PM and Safety lane procedures, the Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer allows fleets to ensure optimal fuel economy and tire life.

The Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer is designed to quickly inflate or deflate up to five tires at a time. It is equipped with two integrated high-capacity air regulators, and high-resolution, glycerin- filled pressure gauges for consistent and precise tire pressure readings. The Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer is engineered to save time and money, with all internal components optimized for the fastest possible inflation/deflation times.

The Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer is mounted on a welded steel cart with pneumatic tires and features wheel-specific, color-coded hoses with corresponding panel indicators and hose hangers. Simple to hook up, easy-to-use and with accurate and repeatable results, the Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer, made in the U.S., is a professional solution for tire service providers.