Seon Adds New 13 Channel Mobile DVR

May 14, 2013
Seon Adds New 13-channel Mobile DVR With Support for High-definition Bus Camera Seon introduces the Explorer DX-HD digital video recorder, a 13-channel bus camera recording system that provides absolute reliability with the clearest image quality to date.

Seon Design Inc. introduces the Explorer DX-HD to its product line-up, a new HD-ready mobile digital video recorder (DVR), capable of recording at 30 frames per second simultaneously on all 13 channels.

Paired with Seon’s CHW HD bus camera, the DX-HD is ideal for transit and school bus surveillance applications where image clarity is essential, such as in accident reconstruction or license plate capture.

“The clarity of the HD camera recording on this DVR is unbelievable,” says Jordan Shishmanov, senior product manager. “Customers love the detail they get with the HD camera. Now they can clearly read road signs and license plates of cars passing the vehicle. Images are crisp and even small details are easy to identify.”

Glenn Boden of Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) loves the view from the additional HD camera and adds, “I’d like to upgrade our bus camera systems to include an HD camera on every bus.”

This next-generation DVR features the highest resolution and frame-rate combination available, delivering outstanding image quality with the most advanced video storage technology (H.264). The system offers 13 channels with the ability to simultaneously record 30 frames-per-second at 720 x 480 resolution on 12 channels with audio plus one high-definition channel at 1280 x 720 resolution. Dual hard drives provide a fail-safe design and double the recording capacity of conventional DVRs.

The DX-HD facilitates better incident management through dual streaming technology, ideal for real-time viewing applications. Dual streaming technology records two video streams, one lower resolution stream for viewing over a cell phone network, and one high-resolution stream for playback on a PC. The DX-HD includes an inertia sensor, which logs and displays G-force data, allowing system administrators to monitor driver behavior including speed, turning, signals, breaking, and idling. The system also provides incident alerts, giving transportation authorities the opportunity to respond to events instantly.

In combination with vMax Commander video management software, Seon’s automated Health-Check feature monitors DVR, camera and hard drive status — and, with this newest release (version 4.1), you can see individual camera loss and firmware version installed. The system will notify the administrator of any issues, ensuring that all on board events are captured. Supported features include geo-fencing, which allows the administrator to designate a geographic boundary and receive notification if a vehicle deviates.

Footage from the DX-HD can be viewed using vMax View — easy to use playback software that allows transportation authorities to review video synchronized with mapping software for incident investigation. Installing the DX-HD is quick and easy through an intuitive graphical configuration user-interface.

DX-HD DVR Features:
• One 720p HD video channel and twelve analog DI video channels with audio (each channel records up to 30 FPS)
• Dual hard drive design with 2 TB recording space
• Built-in inertia sensor
• Dual-streaming technology; one high-res playback and one for real-time viewing over a cellular network
• GPS-ready with features like geo-fencing
• Compatible with vMax View Playback software and vMax Commander Video Management Software
CHW High-definition Bus Camera Features:
• 1280 x 720 pixel resolution/30 FPS (720p) using progressive scan technology
• 2.5 or 16 mm lens for wide-angle or telephoto applications
• Rugged, weather-proof metal housing to withstand harsh conditions, including bus wash
• 350° rotating gimbal to support vertical and angular mounting