New DVR Enclosure with Prepackaged Thermoelectric Cooler

April 17, 2013
EIC Solutions, Inc. has expanded its Protector Series line of prepackaged electronic enclosures with thermoelectric air conditioners.

EIC Solutions, Inc. has expanded its Protector Series line of prepackaged electronic enclosures with thermoelectric air conditioners.

The new prepackaged DVR Cooler cabinet is now available in wall- or pole-mount models. The rugged steel enclosure protects electronic gear from environmental hazards, theft and vandalism. At the same time the integrated cooling unit keeps the temperature inside the cabinet at safe levels for sensitive electronics and gear.

The DVR Cooler also integrates a drop-in DVR rack-mount bracket that allows 19-inch rack-mountable DVRs to fit into a standard wall-mount enclosure. This new configuration provides immediate protection and cooling for electronics in office buildings, campuses, government facilities, shopping malls, banks, toll booths and other sites where security equipment is being used.

"For over twenty years EIC has provided custom electronic enclosures with various options like thermoelectric air conditioners,” said Josh Liegel, EIC senior sales engineer. “To create the Protector Series prepackaged line, we selected popular sizes of enclosures and then integrated each with an optimally sized cooling unit — sized for peak performance and efficiency."

Liegel said the off-the-shelf nature of the prepackaged units makes them readily available for fast delivery and installation into niche markets such as security and surveillance.

"The DVR Cooler was a natural fit in the prepackaged line," Liegel explained.

He also said the new prepackaged DVR enclosures reduce engineering and production costs which makes the units very economical when compared with custom designed enclosures.

The EIC prepackaged electronic enclosure for DVRs also protects and cools a variety of other equipment including cameras, telecommunications equipment and other security/surveillance devices. Additionally, the rack-mount model accommodates single or multiple 19-inch rack-mount devices such as servers, routers, modems, switches, amplifiers and network gear.

The wall/pole-mount air conditioned DVR Cooler enclosures come in four sizes (L"xW"): 24 x 24, 30 x 24, 36 x 30, 48 x 30. Each size may be used with the 4U DVR rack-mount bracket. Many more sizes are available in the wall-mount, workstation and rack-mount lines. The EIC enclosures may be fitted with a 200, 400, 800 or 1500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner. Thermoelectric cooling units do not use a compressor, refrigerant or filters, and there are no moving parts (other than fans) which makes the units virtually maintenance free. The air conditioning units are mounted to the enclosures in either flush- or through-mount styles to meet varying installation and application requirements.

The DVR Cooler enclosure is for indoor or outdoor use and is built to NEMA standards, available in NEMA 4 configurations. The enclosures are weather tight and feature rugged, powder coated steel construction. EIC enclosures protect contents from environmental factors such as dust, wind, water, oils, heat, cold and vibration. Prepackaged units are shipped complete with no assembly required and may also be equipped with a heater for complete control over cabinet interior temperatures.

Made in the USA, EIC prepackaged electronic enclosures with thermoelectric air conditioners are available in either 120V AC or 220V AC modes and operate in temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. A variety of options exist for the DVR Cooler including heating capability, rain shrouds, digital temperature controllers and tamper resistant packages. The enclosure may be fitted with mounting feet, “drop-in” rack mount brackets, insulation or a polycarbonate view window.