MD: MTA Unveils New 'MV-1' Mobility Vehicles

March 27, 2013
New vehicles designed specifically for the mobility community will save $900,000 a year

The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) announced the purchase of 40 MV-1 mobility vehicles.

The announcement marks the beginning of the MTA’s long term goal of replacing the mobility fleet’s sedans and many of its cut-away buses with these innovative, mobility-friendly, more fuel efficient vehicles. The first 10 MV-1s are in service and the remaining 30 should be in service within two months.

“These new MV-1 vehicles reflect a commitment to delivering top level service to our mobility customers,” said MTA Administrator Ralign T. Wells. “Once these MV-1s are fully implemented, our entire MTA mobility fleet will be fully wheelchair accessible.”

In addition to being designed specifically for the mobility community, MV-1s get better gas mileage and are easier to navigate on narrow, one-way city streets. It is estimated the MV-1s will save the MTA approximately $75,000 a month, or $900,000 a year, once 70 percent of the fleet is converted. Maintenance costs are expected to be reduced about 50 percent.

The MTA’s long term goal is to replace all 120 sedans by 2014 and have MV-1s represent 70 percent of the mobility fleet by 2017. The MTA currently operates 447 mobility vehicles; 325 cut away buses and 120 sedans. This $2 million dollar contract will begin that process.

Made in America, the MV-1s are manufactured in Indiana by the Vehicle Production Group, LLC. The MV-1 is created with the sole purpose of supporting the mobility community and designed from the ground up based on input received from wheelchair users and service providers. It is the only original equipment manufacturer vehicle that meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.