WageWorks and Zipcar Team Up to Lower Transportation Expenses for Commuters

March 27, 2013
New program offers commuters increased convenience and savings

WageWorks, Inc. has teamed up with Zipcar, Inc. to provide participants with discounted rates on Zipcars during the work week, making it easy and cost-effective for commuters to access a vehicle when they need one.

"We believe everyone deserves an easier and less expensive commute, and this partnership with Zipcar is one more way we're going to be able to deliver on our commitment to save people money on transportation," said Dan Neuburger, president of WageWorks Commuter Services. "This alliance is the perfect complement to our commuter benefit program as it provides commuters who use public transportation easy access to a car at discounted rates when and where they need it during the work week."

The new program allows WageWorks and TransitChek clients' employees who are not already Zipcar members to enjoy Zipcar membership benefits and save with a waived application fee, as well as a discounted annual membership fee and discounted rates on weekday driving. New members will also receive driving credit to put toward their first Zipcar reservation. WageWorks and TransitChek clients' employees who are already Zipcar members also get to take advantage of the discounted rates on weekday driving.

Zipcar will promote TransitChek commuter benefits to its Zipcar for Business members. With a TransitChek commuter benefits program participating employees can use pretax dollars to pay for their commute — helping them save on taxes and leaving them with more money in their pocket. Zipcar for Business is Zipcar's business transportation solution, which offers companies and their employees low weekday rates and annual fees.

Although Zipcar membership does not qualify for pretax commuter benefits, this program will enable WageWorks customers to save money on yet another commuter-related service. 

"With Zipcar and WageWorks, companies can provide their employees the convenience of having a car at work for whenever they need it at a fraction of the cost," said Zipcar President Mark Norman. "The TransitChek commuter benefit program and Zipcar for Business is a win-win solution which will offer employees easy access to vehicles at discounted prices during the work week, while helping to reduce company and employee transportation expenses."