Transportation Equipment Sales Corp. (TESCO) is Now a Dealer of VPG Auto’s MV-1 Vehicle

July 17, 2012

Transportation Equipment Sales Corp. (TESCO) is now an official dealer of VPG Auto’s MV-1 vehicle, the first light-duty vehicle built specifically for wheelchair accessibility. As the only MV-1 commercial dealer in the state of Ohio, TESCO is very excited to offer the vehicle to its customers.

President of TESCO, Bud Graham, stated, “The MV-1 is a great alternative for those in need of wheelchair accessible vehicles. It will exceed all expectations when being compared to traditional aftermarket conversion vehicles.”

With the MV-1’s stylish design and spacious interior, one can easily maneuver their wheelchair or scooter inside, and even sit up front next to the driver’s seat.

“TESCO is also very excited to be able to offer this vehicle to our transit customers using the ODOT Contract (#251-12), making it even easier to obtain the accessibility that agencies are looking for,” said Bud Graham.

VPG Auto’s MV-1 is designed from the ground up for wheelchair accessibility. With a body-on-frame construction, the MV-1 differs from its competitors in that the traditional aftermarket conversion vehicle has been highly modified and altered from its original state. The vehicle is safer and far more accommodating for passengers, making it a more desirable choice for any agency, company, organization or family.