New Flyer Delivers 4,000th CNG Bus

Feb. 7, 2012
More than 60 transit systems operate New Flyer CNG buses today.

New Flyer Industries Inc., a manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in Canada and the United States, delivered its 4,000th CNG bus in December, 2011.

"This achievement comes for us at a pivotal point in the industry," said Paul Soubry, New Flyer's president and chief executive officer. "Our customers are experiencing both economic and environmental pressures, and the interest in alternative fuels continues to grow. This milestone is not only an opportunity to celebrate our success, but is also reinforces our leadership in CNG bus manufacturing at a critical time when the industry needs it the most."

New Flyer has been building CNG buses since 1994, longer than any other heavy-duty bus manufacturer in Canada or the United States. Over the past two decades, New Flyer has developed tremendous expertise, and, as a result, its CNG system is incredibly robust with significant demonstrated success in revenue service. More than 60 transit systems operate New Flyer CNG buses today.

New Flyer CNG buses offer many benefits not available from other bus manufacturers. New Flyer's CNG system is specifically designed for New Flyer buses; it is not purchased from another supplier, which means it is part of the overall design and not an add-on. New Flyer is the only manufacturer to exceed today's CNG standards and safety requirements. As an example, although it is not required by law, New Flyer's CNG system includes a fire detection system. New Flyer CNG buses are designed for a 350 to 400 mile range and its tanks are certified to 20 years instead of the standard 15 years. New Flyer's overall plumbing system is very robust, yet simple in its design and execution, which results in fewer connections and fewer parts which minimizes leaks and failures.

"Our CNG buses have the same aftermarket and service benefits as all New Flyer vehicles," continued Soubry. "Our field teams have been working with these buses for almost twenty years and our aftermarket parts network is second-to-none, all of which ensures that we are providing the best bus value and support for life."