AirSage Travels to TRB Annual Meeting in 'HOT' Lane

Jan. 26, 2012
AirSage data enhances vehicle traffic and transportation planning products for real-time and historical traffic and transportation analysis.

AirSage, a world leader in analyzing wireless signaling data for value-added applications such as traffic information, market analytics, and location services, arrives at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., with numerous announcements.

AirSage integrates signaling data from the nationwide networks of Verizon Wireless and Sprint into meaningful local, regional and national data on a daily basis. The benefits for government agencies, businesses and consumers include reduced traffic congestion, cost savings for data compilation and better traffic planning tools.

"We are excited to enter 2012 with partners and clients who understand and are able to capitalize on the scope and depth of AirSage's data," said Cy Smith, chief executive officer of AirSage. "We are just beginning to scratch the surface on how our real-time and historical traffic and mobility data sets can empower our customers in the government and transportation engineering sectors in applications from activity-based demand modeling to next-generation intelligent transportation systems and urban planning."

Founded in 2000, AirSage is poised for aggressive growth in 2012 through relationships with the new partners including:

South Alabama Regional Planning Commission (SARPC) – AirSage provided detailed Origin-Destination data to help develop and calibrate the SARPC's Travel Demand Model.

o Kevin A. Harrison, SARPC's director of transportation planning, said, "Not since the urban transportation planning requirement of the Federal Aid Act of 1962, has there been such a tool to verify an Urban Area's origins and destinations. By using AirSage's data, MPO's can actually check or 'calibrate' their origin-destination matrix to a level of confidence never seen before. It nullifies the word 'assumption' in the validation of the travel demand forecast model."

Mygistics – AirSage and Mygistics partnered on a "Connected Vehicle" program for the USDOT seeking to establish new standards for the ITS field through real-time traffic simulation and demand forecasting.

o Thomas Bauer, Mygistics' COO said, "AirSage's data is a game-changer in the industry. We are now able to observe local and regional movement all at one time for analysis and use by developers for future mobility applications."

Fehr & PeersAirSage extrapolated trip generation data for Fehr & Peers to help analyze relationships between transportation patterns and climate change in California.

o Mike Wallace, Fehr & Peers' associate said, "The AirSage data was a primary source of internal-internal travel patterns that are difficult to obtain other ways and typical gateway studies do not provide."

HDRAirSage supplied Origin-Destination data and worked with HDR to provide a large entertainment facility in the Orlando area with valuable analysis and insights on travel patterns to and from the complex.

o Thomas Hiles, HDR's traffic engineer, said, "AirSage's solution better equipped us to quickly respond to our client's needs allowing them to make a better business decision."

PTV AmericaPTV is continuously trying to help its customers create better models faster and cheaper.

o Steve Perone, PTV America's president said, "The fusion of AirSage data with PTV technology provides great data plus great tools resulting in exceptional models."

Citilabs – AirSage and Citilabs are exploring how AirSage mobility data can be integrated with the Cube product suite, to enhance the modeling and validation capabilities available to Cube users.

o Colby Brown, Citilabs' Regional Director for North America, said, "Using better matrix estimation technology implemented in our Cube software, it's easy to integrate AirSage data products into any travel demand model or traffic study."

AirSage pioneered the transformation of wireless network signaling data into powerful mobility information. By turning every mobile phone into a mobile data sensor – while fully protecting user privacy – AirSage data products provide unmatched scale and accuracy.

While current applications center on real-time traffic conditions and travel times, AirSage is also building location-enhanced services for the retail, financial and emergency management sectors. All of the new services will incorporate AirSage's core technology which allows customers to realize distinct and immediate value from the anonymous and aggregate location and movement of people.