Chapel Hill Transit To Implement AssetWorks' Fleet Management Software Solution

March 18, 2014
Chapel Hill Transit joins the NCDOT contract with several other rural transit agencies.

AssetWorks announced that it has recently contracted with Chapel Hill Transit for the implementation of the FleetFocus fleet management software solution.

In the last few years, five rural agencies have implemented FleetFocus at their operations: Choanoke Public Transportation Authority, Fayetteville Area System of Transit (FAST), Goldsboro-Wayne Transportation Authority, Stanly County Umbrella Service Agency (SCUSA) Transportation, and Triangle Transit Authority (TTA). In 2010, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Public Transit Division funded the expansion of FleetFocus as the standard fleet management software system for rural transits in the state. NCDOT is adding rural agencies to the system in seven phases and recently completed the first phase of the project.

Chapel Hill Transit is one of the larger operations within the NCDOT system and will be the first non-rural agency to participate. They will be using FleetFocus to track over 140 transit vehicles. Under this program AssetWorks hosts the application at its data center in Wayne, Pa., and the participating agencies access the software over the Internet. Each of the participating agencies have access to only their own data yet share access to the same software application.