SC750 and SC800 Walk-Behind Scrubbers by Advance Deliver High-Capacity Tanks and Flexible Performance for Industrial Floor Cleaning

Sept. 11, 2014
From everyday tasks to tough soils, SC750 and SC800 provide effective, cost-efficient cleaning for a full range of floor care challenges.

Advance introduces SC750 and SC800 walk-behind scrubbers, pairing a low-maintenance design with flexible performance to handle everyday cleaning, as well as tough soils and spills in industrial environments. These rugged mid-size scrubbers are optimized for productivity, with high capacity solution/recovery tanks — 21 gal (80 L) on SC750 models and 25 gal (95 L) on SC800 models. Resulting in fewer dump/refill cycles, these scrubbers allow for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing to yield a fast ROI for owners.

The EcoFlex System by Advance — a flexible and effective way to add green cleaning to floor care routines — is available as an option on all sizes of SC800 scrubbers. EcoFlex enables operators to select and apply the optimal dilution ratio for each cleaning challenge, with options ranging from chemical-free daily cleaning to extra detergent for food and beverage area sanitation. This flexibility improves cleaning effectiveness while also optimizing chemical and water usage, making it a truly green cleaning solution. With EcoFlex, users can quickly adjust detergent, solution flow rate and scrub pressure to match application requirements and improve productivity. For the toughest soils, operators can employ a burst of power at the touch of a button, increasing detergent, pressure and flow rate simultaneously. The EcoFlex option assists operators in providing an efficient, environmentally friendly floor cleaning solution, while also driving down the cost to clean.

To assure safety of both operators and personnel, the SC750 and SC800 feature Advance’s Safe ‘N Dry squeegee system for 100 percent water pickup, reducing slip and fall risks and guaranteeing an overall cleaner and safer environment. The scrubbers also come equipped with Advance’s Soft-Touch paddle system, which provides users with maximum control while preventing finger pinching that may occur between the machine and an obstruction — limiting operator fatigue and repetitive stress injuries. Additionally, the SC750 and SC800 models deliver superior traction with gray, non-marking solid tires.

The SC750 and SC800 walk-behind scrubbers provide flexible, effective and cost-efficient floor cleaning for manufacturing areas, warehouses, transportation hubs, food and beverage production areas and municipalities. Designed to handle a full range of floor cleaning challenges, these scrubbers are ideal for the following tasks:

  • Routine scrubbing
  • Ultra-light to heavy scrubbing
  • Entryway cleaning
  • Spill cleanup
  • Grease removal
  • Grout and porous-surface cleaning
  • Detergent residue removal, using water only

SC750 models are available with a 26-in. disc scrub path or a 28-in. cylindrical scrub path. SC800 models are offered with a 28-in. disc scrub path, a 34-in. disc scrub path, a 28-in. cylindrical scrub path or a 32-in. cylindrical scrub path.