US: A State-by-State Look at Transportation Ballot Results

Nov. 7, 2012
A state-by-state look at transportation and transit-related topics on the ballots November 6, 2012. At the time of posting, some results were still unofficial.


Alameda County

Measure B1 – Fail
It would extend the existing county sales tax and increase it by ½ cent to improve transit access, fix roads, improve bicycle and pedestrian safety, reduce traffic congestion and keep senior, youth and disabled fares affordable.

Contra Costa County

Measure K – Pass
A one-cent sales tax for 20 years used to pay for road repairs and storm drain repair.

Measure L – Pass
A half-cent sales tax on the purchase of goods and services to pay for road maintenance and repair.

Los Angeles County

Measure J – Fail
A one-half cent sales tax that is already being paid on the sales of goods and services and will continue for 30 years to be used for traffic relief and economic growth/job creation by accelerating construction of light rail, subway, airport connections within five years, not 20.

Marin County

Measure A – Passed
A quarter-cent sales tax for nine years to maintain open spaces, parks and farmland in the county to preserve quality of life.

Napa County

Measure T – Pass
A half-cent sales tax increase to be used for road repairs in the county. It would expire in 25 years.

San Luis Obispo County

Paso Robles
Measure F – Pass
It would direct the city council to earmark revenues to the repair of roads.


El Paso County

Referendum – Pass
A tax extension for Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) to fund capital transportation projects.



Mayorl Race – Kirk Caldwell wins
(What has become a “referendum on the city’s construction of rail)
Caldwell vowed to build rail but will take a critical look at the plans.


Stephenson County

Advisory Referendum – Pass
The county can provide a county-wide transportation system funded by federal, state and county funds.



Property Tax – Pass
Renewal of a property tax to fund bus service in the city for three years by 63 percent.

Kent County

Transit Referendum - Fail
Proposal to end Interurban Transit Partnership service.

North Carolina

Orange County

Transit Sales Tax – Pass
Half-cent tax to improve transit service.


Lucas County

Referendum – Fail
A levy to pay for a local bus service.

Referendum – Fail
To withdraw from the Toldedo Area Regional Transit Authority

Referndum – Fail
To withdraw from the Toldedo Area Regional Transit Authority


Lane County

Eugene City Street Bond – Pass
Authorizes the city of Eugene to issue up to $43 million in bonds for road repair (~94%) and bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Washington County

Light Rail Amendment - Pass
Requires a public vote prior to increasing local taxes or fees to fund light-rail construction and expansion.

South Carolina

Richland county

Sales Tax -
A one-cent sales tax for 22 years that would be used for road improvements, bus service expansion, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements.


Harris County

Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County Referendum – Pass
Authorization to continue diverting part of its sales tax revenues for road projects. Would also Metro to keep up to 81 percent of sales tax collections for transit.


Arlington County

Bond – Pass
Approval to borrow more than $150 million to build swimming pools, schools and streets.

Virginia Beach

Light Rail referendum - Pass
Whether the city should approve reasonable efforts to support the financing and development of The Tide light rail in Virginia Beach.


Clark County

Proposition 1 - Fail
A .1-cent sales tax that would provide operating money for C-Train LRT and BRT service in Vancouver.