APTA Expo Product Features - Day Two

Oct. 8, 2017



APS is a service-proven solution for catenary-free light rail and streetcar operation that preserves city center aesthetics, reduces system footprint by eliminating electrical poles, optimizes safety for passengers, pedestrians and road traffic, and optimizes operation reliability. More than 12 years of experience have demonstrated the key advantages of such a ground power supply solution, which include no electrical power limitation, no risk of running out of power in degraded operation mode, full compatibility with all types of road and track-bed surfaces, and easy line extensions.

APS operates in harsh climatic conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, heavy rain, snow and ice. Moreover, APS matches catenary performance over unlimited distances at speeds of up to 37 mph, regardless of slopes and while maintaining full onboard utilities.

Since the first implementation of the APS system in Bordeaux in 2003, 188 Citadis (more than 350 ordered) light rail vehicles powered by APS have run 7.5 million miles and 40 miles of single track have been equipped with APS. Most recently, the city of Rio de Rio de Janeiro, host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, selected Alstom APS technology in order to preserve and restore the city’s authentic architecture.

AMF-Bruns of America LP


AMF-Bruns has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of wheelchair securement systems since introducing the first 4 point system for wheelchairs and occupants in the 1970s.

The PROTEKTOR Silver Series wheelchair and occupant securement system provides critical stabilization for wheelchair passengers in the event of a collision. The pelvic and shoulder belts ensure that the passenger is always secure. It features fully automatic pull-out and self-tensioning, single tensioning knob for additional tensioning (if needed), a low profile, and a foot release lever. It is available with different floor anchorages and j-hook, carabiner and loop. It also has a durable zinc diecasting cover.

The PROTEKTOR Silver Series securement system meets the following applicable requirements: ISO 10542; SAE J2249; FMVSS 209, 302, 210, 222; CMVSS 209; CSA Z605; AS 2596; and ADA.

Brasco International Inc.


The SolStop with Bench offers a solar-powered, push-button LED light for bus stops without adequate safety lighting or seating. The solar panel sits on top of the light fixture head, mounted atop an existing transit pole, or ordered with a new Brasco pole. The pole is ideal for attaching map /route displays and bus stop location flags.

The model on display features an ADA-compliant push button and braille sign, has a 2-person aluminum bench attached to the pole with branded logos engraved into the aluminum seats, a solar-powered digital real-time ConnectPoint-10 sign to display transit arrival information, and a traditional map case with a printed map.

BYD Motors Inc.


BYD’s C10 is a long-range 45-foot battery-electric over-the-road coach. Utilizing BYD’s proprietary iron-phosphate battery technology, the quiet-running vehicle produces no emissions, integrates easily into any existing fleet and meets most over-the-road and shuttle applications with a range of 200 miles on a single charge.

It features high-efficiency, in-wheel traction motors with below-deck luggage carrying capacity; and energy recovery and battery recharging through optimal regenerative braking, which reduces brake component wear. Bi-directional AC charging allows full charging from 0 to 100 percent SOC within 1.3 hours. The coach may also be used as a mobile power supply for other equipment.

CHK America


The web-enabled Connectpoint Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk is one of CHK America’s new digital, dual-monitor, solution tools that integrate with tracking and location systems, scheduling systems and other agency information systems allowing agencies to provide comprehensive information to their customers. Touchscreen technology in the Connectpoint Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks with its 55-inch monitors allow for intuitive interaction with the information to explore transit options and to create specific routes, including an overview of the entire route, next departure times for every stop in the system, as well as detailed local mapping for each stop. In addition, the 32-inch top monitor provides the agency a space to deploy agency messages or advertising campaigns.

The kiosks also provide trip-planning tools that include detailed travel directions for public transportation, cars, bicycling and walking. Texting and email options are also included for easy transfer to a mobile device. The kiosk also pushes out route deviations as they happen, can generate revenue via location-based advertising and leverages smart phones at the decision-making point (i.e. the stop).

Code Blue Corp.


Built with the end user, property owner and installer in mind, the CB 2-a wall-mounted Help Point ushers in a new era of design for Code Blue. Constructed of premium stainless steel, the CB 2-a delivers a sleek profile that is slim enough to be ADA compliant on any wall, making it an ideal match for walkways with high visibility and traffic. Its lightweight yet highly durable two-piece construction also makes installation easy for a single person.



Dero is displaying the Veloport, a stylish, unique, modular bike locker. The graceful lines and modern laser-cut design makes this locker stand out, while still offering the security and durability needed in long-term bike parking. Its unique, curved form is fully enclosed and offers double the security with a lockable, interior bike tray and u-lock/padlock or keyed options for the door. Its curved door smoothly rolls up and down, opening and closing with the help of a lift assist system.

The Veloport is bike security at its best and is ideal for long-term bike parking applications such as at transit hubs, college campuses, government centers, and airports. The laser cut holes on the font and side panels not only provide a unique look, but help with ventilation and offer site lines for high security settings. The interior tray guides bikes into position and offers a second layer of defense against thieves.

The Veloport is a single-sided, modular system, accommodating one bike per unit. Its frame is galvanized steel with the top and side steel panels available in numerous powder coat colors (door is aluminum). Numbered plates and a fat bike compatible tray are also options. Installation is simple, with assembly onsite with security bolts. The Veloport also ships flat to save on freight.

Gillig LLC


Gillig is a leading heavy-duty transit bus manufacturer and aftermarket parts supplier in the United States. From initial design through final assembly, each Gillig bus is developed and built by dedicated American workers. The modular Gillig product design accommodates unique customer needs by allowing for custom combinations of the propulsion system, length (30-, 35- and 40-foot), and styling package (Standard, BRT, BRT PLUS), all while maintaining fleet commonality.

Gillig will have a Central Contra Costa Transit Authority 29-foot LF All Electric bus on display. Gillig produces buses incorporating a broad range of drive systems, including clean diesel, compressed natural gas, diesel-electric hybrid, and zero-emission battery-electric.



HAFAS Smart VMS provides customers with a smart and scalable vehicle management solution. Available as a platform-independent driver app for smartphones, tablets or on-board computers, it gathers real-time data on the current locations of public transport vehicles, communicates with the control center and transmits the data to various passenger information systems. It’s fully web-based and enables any transit agency to immediately get accurate real-time data and CAD/AVL functionality.

HAFAS Smart VMS quality assures collected data and verifies it against available schedules and routes. This allows transit operators to immediately inform their passengers and to take further actions in order to improve their services.
Unique features include driver navigation, the ability to create ad hoc trips and to manage connections without dispatch intervention. Empowered by HAFAS Smart VMS, drivers can autonomously decide to wait for delayed feeder buses while HAFAS ensures schedule adherence.

HAFAS Smart VMS is platform-independent; can be used as a driver app for smartphones, tablets or onboard computers; it makes connections reliable; and provides high-quality of service without manual intervention of a central dispatch.

INIT Innovations in Transportation


How do you see transit? INIT sees it as a colorful, vibrant kaleidoscope ... like a work of art.

That’s why they’ve developed integrated solutions that help make transit more beautiful to run, to ride to experience.
Visit the INIT booth to watch local Atlanta street artist, Kyle Brooks (BlackCatTips) create a mural inside the booth. Take a selfie, or take a seat, and share how you see transit.

Because transit is more than just patterns and lines. It’s people, community, environment — LIFE.

Watch the progress at INIT booth #2803.

Iris GmbH


With the Bicycle Counting Feature of the IRMA Matrix, the time-of-flight sensor for passenger counting, Iris provides transit operators with a tool for accurate estimation of required bicycle transportation capacity.

The technology enables the transmission of the actual availability of bicycle transportation capacities in real time. The real-time data could be accessed by cyclists via their cell phone, while the capacity information feature can be managed and controlled by the transit operator.

Utilizing this technology, bicycle allocation at transit platforms can be controlled to achieve optimum distribution to available bicycle spaces.

Liebherr-Transportation Systems


The Electro Hydraulic Actuator, Active Lateral Suspension for Zefiro 300, is an extremely compact design that includes a complete hydraulic system and has the electronics fully integrated inside the actuator. This new development is a combination of damper and operating cylinder which actively drive the car into the middle position in curves and improves the riding comfort.

The damper further provides a continuous active control of the lateral forces. The actuator technology could be used for many other applications such as tilting, active radius steering and bogie steering device. The configuration of the actuator can be adapted to given envelope.

Luminator Technology Group


Luminator is featuring CCTV integration with INFOtransit Displays for on-board security of passengers, drivers and property. The security and safety of passengers, drivers, and on-board property is a top priority for transit agencies. By integrating and displaying the video stream of on-board Apollo CCTV cameras with on-board INFOtransit TFT displays, riders will immediately see that any crime committed is easily video recorded. While this may not always prevent a crime from happening on a transit vehicle, it certainly notifies the violator(s) that high-definition video recordable evidence is available enable quick apprehension by law enforcement officials. Liability claims against a transit agency can also be quickly and accurately video documented.

The Apollo video solution can be easily accessed by the transit agency personnel as well as law enforcement officials. Each bus is equipped with a highly advanced DVR and a wireless access point that allows law enforcement officials to log-in locally through their in-vehicle laptops when within 100 feet of the bus. This gives first responders a live view of onboard activity to immediately assist in real-time if needed.

Metrom Rail


The AURA Roadway Worker Protection System provides advanced warning between on-track equipment and workers. Using ultrawide band technology as the basis for worker protection for the first time in the railway industry, the system offers accurate ranging between equipment and personnel in any environment, including tunnels and cities. Equipment located on trains and workers, as well as along the wayside, work together to provide a minimum of 15 seconds of warning for workers and train operators at any speed. Modules contain data recorders and allow for contactless charging and data transfer. The system offers portability, simple configuration and an easy-to-use interface.

Mohawk Lifts


Mohawk Lifts is showcasing its frame adaptors for mobile column lifts. Frame adaptors with a 24,000 pound capacity (per pair) are offered. The frame adaptors easily install over mobile column forks and allow wheels to be fully accessible to be worked on. They save shop floor space by allowing a vehicle to be raised by two mobile columns instead of four, depending on vehicle weight.

Nanov Display Inc.


The Exterior Digital KIOSK features 55-inch 2500cd double-sided, high-definition screens, exterior double-sided LED back-lit signage, and a 22-inch PCAP, multi-touch screen. In this particular prototype, the Newark Smart City Kiosks feature an embedded IoT - Cisco 2000 switcher Miraki 72MR, Juniper networks router and two Panasonic web cameras, as well as a USB charger and three embedded players.

The architecturally designed KIOSK is installed with a mobile-friendly, Android-based content management system with realtime transit information, with time and weather data provided by New York Digital.



Peerless-AV introduces the new Xtreme High Bright Daylight Readable Display. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor mass transit applications, the new Xtreme High Bright Daylight Readable Display provides a bright, crisp picture, even in direct sunlight. It offers high-quality viewing for outdoor scenarios with full HD 1080p resolution and is equipped with a fully sealed design — preventing any water, exhaust fumes, chemicals, micro particles and brake dust from entering the display.

The Xtreme High Bright Daylight Readable Display is weather resistant, can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F, and is furnished with Peerless-AV’s patented Ventless Dynamic Thermal Transfer System. With this system, internal components are safely warmed in extreme cold weather conditions, as well as properly cooled during extreme heat, without the need for exhaust ventilation. With a fully sealed design, there is no need to change filters or service the display, creating a maintenance-free solution for year-round use. Fitted with IPS Panel Technology, the display provides color accuracy at every angle, even up to 178°.

With an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts to best match the lighting conditions as well as shatterproof, optically bonded glass to prevent breakage, the Xtreme High Bright Daylight Readable Display is great for displaying travel information, emergency alerts, and more.

Pro-Flex Rubber Inc.


The Face Plate diaphragm is Pro-Flex Rubber’s mid-range model and uses time-tested technology that has proven its reliability on intercity railway cars for nearly 40 years.

It features a plate-coated with a phenolic compound installed at the front to increase durability. Car sills are equipped with shear mount rubber shock absorbers. The diaphragm is molded as a single, seamless part using Pro-Flex Rubber’s time-tested Flex 35 neoprene that meets the mass transit industry’s fire, smoke and toxicity standards.



Proterra, a leading innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation, will be featuring the Proterra Diagnostic Tool at its booth. The Diagnostic Tool is a diagnostic platform that allows technicians to access all vehicle systems in one place, with one intuitive interface. A simple dashboard displays the vehicle’s functional layout, enabling users to monitor operation levels, see faults and resolve many issues directly through the interface without physically removing bus panels. A virtual mechanic, the Diagnostic Tool provides access to most of the vehicle’s operational features, including monitoring of the overhead charging system. Wi-Fi enabled and offering both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the Diagnostic Tool provides untethered freedom of movement in and around the bus.

PRO-VISION Video Systems


SecuraMax by PRO-VISION simplifies and automates the video management process. With custom video retention periods, videos can be stored as long as necessary to reduce liability. Video is automatically deleted when its custom retention period expires, further saving time in the management process and reducing storage costs. You can share your individual videos quickly and securely with anyone with an email address, all without wasting time with CDs, flash drives and other time-consuming methods. Backed by a security partnership with Microsoft, SecuraMax is a reliable, simple and secure video management solution.



REI designs, manufactures, services and maintains a full range of superior, reliable and easy-to-use mobile electronics. Solutions include: infotainment systems; HD monitors; microphones — vandal-resistant, standard and slimline mini goosenecks plus handheld or wireless; automated announcement player; radios; PA systems; speakers; ambient noise sensor system; and camera observation systems.

For more than 75 years, REI has worked closely with customers to design customized solutions to their specific needs.

Rotary Lift


Rotary Lift will have on display, its modular, environmentally friendly, heavy-duty inground lift: the MOD35 Series. The MOD35 offers best-in-class lifting capacity and clear bay space, patent-pending pendant controls and lower installation costs.

The MOD35 builds on the success of Rotary Lift’s MOD30 inground lift. The modular design of the MOD35 inground lift enables it to be customized for any application and location. It is available with two or three multi-stage hydraulic cylinders to provide lifting capacity of 70,000 to 105,000 lbs.

To protect both the environment and the lift, the MOD35 is totally contained in a six-foot-deep steel enclosure that has been sealed inside and out with Rotary Lift’s exclusive EnviroGuard coating. The enclosure is warranted against corrosion and electrolysis for 10 years.

Royersford Spring Co.


The BISCO MF1 seat cushion foam provides reliable comfort, longevity and safety. Available in 3 firmness ranges, MF1 allows engineers to optimize seat designs, providing exceptional passenger comfort all the while reducing weight and size. MF1 is a durable seat cushion material that utilizes proprietary silicone technology to deliver a product which maintains firmness and thickness longer than traditional urethane foams. Additionally, all grades of MF1 are formulated to meet various global fire safety standards, including BS 6853, EN 45545, DIN 5510, NFF 16-101, NFPA 130.

Scheidt & Bachmann


FareGo Cloud — Ticketing as a Service. Through this service, Scheidt & Bachmann offers account-based ticketing Solutions through a wide range of business models. This allows the operator to implement a system without a huge capital outlay. Standardized features can be activated as needed by the agency. Overall system roll-out time is also substantially reduced.



SLEC Inc. is exhibiting its 18,000-pound column, manufactured in Baltimore and Buy America compliant. The full range of lifts from 12,000 to 18,000 pound capacity are independently certified to the standards of the Automotive Lift Institute ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011.

A number of new innovations will be displayed for the first time. While the fixed fork (with small tire adapters) is still available, customers can choose an adjustable fork configuration which adjusts easily from 13’ to 24” tires or 48” outside diameter. While the standard remote enables the operator to be connected into any column, the optional wireless remote allows the operator to stand back as far as 50 feet to ensure that the load is rising safely and is free of any obstructions. A battery-powered jack means that the lifts can be wheeled greater distances without the possibility of injury.



Stertil-Koni debuts a full-color touch screen control console on its popular scissor-style ECOLIFT. ECOLIFT is now available with the ebright Smart Control system, a high-resolution, intuitive, full-color, 7-inch touch screen. This free-standing console provides easy access for quick service and maintenance.

Transits across North America have embraced the ECOLIFT, which is an ultra-shallow, full-rise axle-engaging inground lift, available in a 2-scissor or 3-scissor configuration, with lifting capacities of 60,000 pounds and 90,000 pounds respectively. With its high lifting capacity, movable front lifting mechanism in a continuous recess, and broad range of adapters, the ECOLIFT is ideal for a diverse transit vehicle fleet. Plus, utilizing the Continuous Recess system, the ECOLIFT easily accommodates vehicles with extremely low ground clearance.

Equally important for large maintenance facilities, the installation depth is extremely shallow — just 34-inches — making it ideal for retrofit situations and locations with high water tables. Plus, the ECOLIFT arrives on site pre-assembled and tested. ECOLIFT is a drop-in/bolt design, which makes the installation a breeze. Additionally, the ECOLIFT is the only re-locatable inground lifting system of its type in the world.

TextSpeak Digital Acoustics


TextSpeak is debuting new models of high-definition text-to-speech amplifiers and modules for onboard announcements, station passenger information, ADA compliance and kiosks/ticketing.

TextSpeak earBridge Passenger Announcement Systems offer text-to-speech and smart audio amplifiers for vehicles, stations and routing systems. Options include talking sign technology to read visual text seen on LED signs and speaking the information directly to passengers.

Models include mountable enclosures, OEM modules and full systems, with TTS in more than 25 languages. The new TTS-EN-M mobile line for vehicles include integrated text-to-speech, ambient noise sensing, dual 25W amplifiers, USB, serial & Ethernet, and microphone support.

Sign reading amplifiers and board level models with text-To-speech, include solar-powered audio/visual solutions.

Thermo King


The Athenia AMII E-800 is an all-electric, hermetically sealed rooftop unit for battery bus, hybrid bus, trolley bus and engine driven alternator-powered applications. The E-800 delivers clean, efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning comfort for passengers using hermetically sealed electric scroll compressors, two stages of electric heat and variable frequency control of the compressor and air movers. The E-800 all-electric HVAC system can deliver the same capacity at all vehicle speeds and optimizes energy efficiency through the intelligent control system.

The E-800 features a rugged, Transit duty, one-piece design for exceptional durability and ease of installation. The system comes from the factory pre-charged with high-capacity, environmentally friendly R-407C refrigerant and all pipes and fittings are enclosed within the system. The absence of hoses and fittings external to the unit drastically improves reliability, lowers maintenance costs and overall life-cycle costs.

USSC/4ONE/Freedman Seating


The Freedman GO-ES Seat is built for easy customization, giving you the flexibility to quickly add accessories in the field. External 3PT seatbelts are easy to maintain. Now available with a durable ABS plastic backing for a refreshed design. Also available in SplitFlip or Foldaway variations to accommodate varying combinations for added aisle space, strollers, shopping carts and more. See the GO-ES seat with Priority Vinyl at APTE Expo. A high quality printed vinyl that identifies specific seats as being “reserved” for priority passengers. Available on any Freedman back cushion or insert, Priority Vinyl has been designed specifically to pair with Morbern’s Wave Freestyle Blue. Both Priority Vinyl and matching Wave Freestyle Blue are easy to clean, stain and chemical resistant, antibacterial and antimicrobial. As with all Freedman Seating fabrics, these heavy duty, transit grade vinyls meet FMVSS No. 302 for flammability and smoke.



Wabtec Corp.'s recent acquisition of Faiveley Transport creates one of the world's leading providers of products and services for the passenger transit and freight rail industries. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides highly engineered products — from braking equipment to electronics to HVAC systems to doors — that can be found on virtually every passenger rail car, freight car, bus and locomotive in North America and in more than 100 countries. The company also offers an array of aftermarket services, and builds high-efficiency locomotives for commuter applications. See the latest, leading edge equipment for the passenger rail and bus industry in the Wabtec-Faiveley exhibit, booth # 8534 in Hall C.

The 1,600-square-foot exhibit will include: Bach Simpson, Barber Spring, Faiveley Transport, Microphor, Mors Smitt, MotivePower, Railroad Friction Products Corporation, Ricon, Swiger Coil, TransTech, Turbonetics, Vapor Bus, Vapor Stone Rail, Unitrac, Longwood, Wabtec Passenger Transit, Wabtec Railway Electronics, Track IQ, Railroad Controls, Wabtec Rubber Products, Metalochucho, Longwood and Durox.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG


With new gear geometry and even quieter running, ZF has further optimized the AVE 130 electric portal axle for usage in low-floor buses.

With a maximum axle load of 13 tons and a motor peak output of 2x120 kilowatts, the low-floor axle is even suitable for double-articulated buses. The wheels are driven individually via water-cooled asynchronous motors with a high power density and a subsequent fixed two-step ratio.