APTA Expo Product Features - Day One

Oct. 7, 2017
Some of the latest products and technologies on display at the American Public Transportation Association's Expo 2017.

AIC Rail


The Wheel Shop Management Suite (WSMS) is an end-to-end solution for managing the wheel shop, offering a view of all operations and materials throughout the shop. It incorporates components that add to the central database. The server-based application reduces administration costs and has wireless networking capability for all stations and handhelds.

The Shop Manager provides access to up-to-the-minute mounting charts and component information for quality assurance inspections, reporting and supervisors. The Universal Press Recorder is a computerized system for recording force and distance while mounting components on railroad axles. The Bearing Tracking System provides a fast and efficient method for collecting information about each bearing mounted on the wheelsets. The Outbound Tracking System is a mobile application that tracks the wheelset as it leaves the facility, providing traceability, accountability and reliability when it comes to shipping finished goods.

Alexander Dennis Ltd.


With more than 18,000 Enviro200 buses delivered to markets across the globe, the Alexander Dennis range of 30-foot and 35-foot Enviro200 buses has transformed urban transit across North America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Fuel efficient and maneuverable, the Enviro200 single-deck bus is the perfect choice for feeder and urban routes, with low-floor accessibility and a premium interior for an enhanced passenger experience.

The passenger-friendly design was the key driving force in the development of the Enviro200 and this, coupled with unrivaled customer support thanks to Alexander Dennis’s extensive network of fully trained service professionals and strategically located parts hubs, makes it a favorite with both passengers and operators alike.

The Altoona-tested Enviro200 is produced in one of Alexander Dennis’s North American manufacturing hubs by a team of highly skilled employees, meeting all North American legislation, including FMVSS, ADA and Buy America.

Alstom Transport


Alstom's Citadis is the low-floor light rail reference for modern urban solutions and is at the core of multiple city renewal projects in cities across the globe, from Montpellier to Dublin, Bordeaux to Nice. The development of Citadis X05 is based on a 15-year proven track record of more than 2,000 Citadis sold worldwide.

Designed to grow with ridership, the Citadis X05 offers the right capacity for today and tomorrow. The latest generation of Citadis was upgraded to deliver easy access and comfort on board for all passengers, with a large central aisle, up to 16 seats above the bogies, and double doors everywhere — even behind the cab — for easy passenger ingress and egress. An energy-efficient solution, the Citadis X05 offers a reduced weight traction system, a braking energy recovery system and the lowest maintenance costs on the market.

On August 1, 2017, Alstom delivered the first of 60 Citadis X05 to Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) in Sydney, Australia. With Citadis X05, TfNSW will have a capacity to move up to 13,500 passengers per hour, which will ensure less congestion on Sydney’s roads and more reliable travel times for commuters.

AMF-Bruns of America LP


The newest member of AMF-Bruns of America’s wheelchair safety family of innovative products, the eFuture Safe Head & Backrest/Seatbelt Anchorage, has a new hand-controlled adjustment feature, which allows wheelchair passengers with upper extremity pain and discomfort to travel in comfort. This innovative system allows customized head, back and neck adjustments — no more twisting and turning for maximum relief.

The patented design meets all applicable regulations and can withstand 15 G-forces rear collision forces and 20 G-forces frontal collisions. Crash tests clearly show the product maintains the highest level of safety in a rear impact.

Durable construction makes it easy to clean, move and install — saving space when not in use. It can be either side-mounted or floor-mounted and can be turned inward toward the vehicle wall when the vehicle is without a wheelchair.

It is compatible with AMF-Bruns restraint systems.

Apollo Video Technology


The RoadRunner 4K system delivers unprecedented video clarity, enabling superior analytics and a clearer picture of activities on and around buses and trains. It captures wide views and allows users to zoom in on specific areas with greater retention of detail than possible from images originating in standard high definition, meaning everything from license plates to facial features are clear and recognizable. The state-of-the-art RoadRunner 4K system improves the accuracy of video analytics.

Axis Communications


AXIS Q1942-E is an affordable outdoor, bullet style, thermal camera with a built-in window heater for harsh weather conditions. A resolution of 640x480 and a range of lens alternatives (10 mm, 19 mm, 35 mm and 60 mm) make it possible to optimize detection performance to meet most requirements. It supports electronic image stabilization that keeps the video smooth during vibrations, and Axis Zipstream that lowers bandwidth and storage requirements. Thanks to its powerful processor, AXIS Q1942-E has high capacity for running video analytics via AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) and can use a range of third party applications.

Bitimec International Inc.


The new Wash-Bots Series 3-EZ bus-wash machine is so simple to use a grade schooler can wash a full size bus in six to eight minutes. The advanced, 3-EZ immediately delivers a return on investment by allowing a single operator to do exterior bus-washing as fast as a four- to five-person wash crew.

The operator simply walks the power system around the vehicle, as it applies soap, rinse-water and power-brushes, all at the touch of a button. The small footprint systems do not need a dedicated building and can be tucked out of the way when not in use.

The 'wash anywhere' portable machines have won over bus fleets of all sizes and light rail systems such as Portland, Kansas City and Atlanta, with Oklahoma and Milwaukee, soon to come online.

Brasco International Inc.


The SolStop with Bench is a solar-powered, push-button LED light for bus stops without adequate safety lighting or seating. The solar panel sits on top of the light fixture head, mounted atop an existing transit pole, or ordered with a new Brasco pole. The pole is ideal for attaching map/route displays and bus stop location flags.

The model on display includes an ADA-compliant push button and braille sign; a two-person aluminum bench attached to pole with branded logos engraved into the aluminum seats; a solar-powered, digital, real-time ConnectPoint-10 sign to display transit arrival info; and a traditional map case with a printed map.

Bombardier Transportation


Bombardier Transportation is presenting its latest innovations and solutions for addressing mobility challenges faced by cities across the United States, throughout the Americas, and around the world. This includes everything from state-of-the-art technologies and products, to operation and maintenance services, to signaling for public transit systems.

A local example of Bombardier innovations and solutions is Bombardier’s use of new and advanced technologies to help improve rail worker safety in Atlanta. In an FTA-supported project, Bombardier installed and is demonstrating the performance of its TrackSafe technology on a portion of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority rail system. The Annual Meeting program includes a joint presentation by MARTA and Bombardier titled “Keeping Your Workforce Safe on the Track” which will provide an update on the project designed to improve location awareness for track workers and train operators. APTA delegates will also have the opportunity to travel to a MARTA station to see a live demonstration of this service-proven and service-ready technology.

Visitors to Bombardier’s exhibit will take part in a fully immersive virtual reality presentation, experiencing the seamless integration of various Bombardier technologies into a virtual 3D Atlanta. These technologies include the high-capacity BOMBARDIER MOVIA Maxx metro platform combined with the proven BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 650 communications-based train control system; the BOMBARDIER FLEXITY 2 light rail system equipped with the safety-enhancing Obstacle Detection Assistance System technology; and the flexible BOMBARDIER INNOVIA Monorail 300 system for easy urban integration.

BYD Motors Inc.


The K9 Electric Transit Bus is a long-range, American-made 40-foot bus. Utilizing BYD’s proprietary iron-phosphate battery, the quiet-running vehicle produces zero emissions, integrates easily with any existing fleet and meets roughly 80 percent of urban transit system needs with a range of 161 miles on a single charge.
Fewer moving parts, more reliability and environmentally friendly with a payback in only a few years, the BYD K9 Electric Transit Bus can save transit agencies costs in fuel and maintenance.

Camira Group Inc.


Aura Twist is Camira’s newest wool rich moquette fabric for transportation seating with a range of beautiful designs and colorways. It is a wool-rich plush fabric, reviving a textile classic which is re-interpreted into modern, geometric-inspired designs on a darker background with carefully selected accent colorways. The distinctive designs combine linear, architectural and structural patterning in a variety of scales, with the highlight colors coordinating with other complementary finishes in our leather, vinyl and flat woven ranges.

The Aura Twist collection comprises 18 distinctive designs, designed through a wealth of knowledge and experience taking transport interiors into a new era. Designed with heritage but with a ‘twist’ of ingenuity, the palette is firmly grounded by classic blacks and greys, punctuated by youthful flashed of brighter shades.

The fabric meets all international bus and coach flammability standards, including FMVSS 302, as well as meeting all international railway safety and flammability standards.

Coordinating trims for Aura and Aura Twist are available for piping, headrests, wall side and ceiling finishes, and curtaining to provide flexible options for combination seats using more than one material type. Options include high-performance vinyl Vita, leather range Classic, Lucia FR, Micro Trim, Premier Trim and Super Trim.

CHK America


CHK America’s Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop’s sizes 10-inch, 13-inc and 32-inch offer ground-breaking technology via solar-powered, real-time departure and schedule information, as well as service alerts. These “smart city” digital signs are equipped with E Ink-based displays that provide crystal-clear readability any hour of the day or night. CHK’s Digital Bus Stop’s are easy to install, can be retrofitted to your existing bus stops or shelters and managed remotely via their web-based backend.

Code Blue Corp.


Code Blue is challenging the idea of what an emergency communication product can be with the rollout of EmerComm, its all-new device operating system. With advanced security and functionality, EmerComm brings intelligence to the edge by giving emergency phones and other communication devices the capabilities of a full computer. This means creating a system that views its platform as an agnostic system of sensors and indicators, with phone functionality — just one of the many layers it is capable of managing.

Dellner Inc.


Automatic couplers provide automatic connections for railway vehicles. Dellner's automatic couplers include safe and reliable mechanical, pneumatic connections, as well as electrical connections between vehicles. Automatic couplers provide an optimized energy absorption solution for maximum protection of the vehicle and the passengers.

Coupling is carried out at low speed without manual assistance, ensuring maximum safety for this critical maneuver. It results in a rigid, slack-free and fully latched connection. With the designed centering and support arrangement, it allows for both horizontal and vertical track variations.

Uncoupling the mechanism head can be carried out either remotely from the driver's cab or at the coupler itself using manual release. Once the vehicles have moved apart, the couplers are automatically reset, ready to be coupled again.

Special products, such as foldable or retractable couplers, are also available.



Dero has introduced the new and improved Dero Decker, a two-tiered bike parking system that is now easier to install, smoother to operate, and more affordable than ever. Same great space-saving efficiency, but with additional features, it makes this popular product a must for any bike room or bike shelter where space is at a premium.

Bicyclists will appreciate how smoothly and quietly the top tray moves when raising or lowering their bikes with ease. Dero continues its excellence in safety with the Dero Decker’s proven front wheel safety locking lever and tray dampers to provide safe lowering of upper trays. And of course, the Decker accommodates u-locks for the best security. Dero is also excited to introduce its first Fat Bike Tray for the Dero Decker, so people with bikes with larger tires can park on these lower trays.

Customers will love the more affordable price point, easier installation and lower maintenance. The top trays are 40 pounds lighter and include set screws so installers can easily set the downward resting position of the upper trays to accommodate different floor clearances. Installation requires 60 percent less drilling into the floor than the previous iteration, and installers no longer need to measure the position of the lower trays, since they now come with a bolting foot plate guide. This modular system comes in sections of four bikes (two up and two down) and can be either single or double-sided. In addition, the new track design means top trolleys no longer need to be greased or maintained.

ETA Transit


Meet SPOT the “future-proof” ITS from ETA Transit. Future-proof. Think about what that would mean to your transit agency. An intelligent transit solution that provides unlimited potential for growth and customization. No more lengthy RFP processes. No more wholesale technology adoptions. No more mind-numbing training sessions.

That’s what ETA Transit seeks to provide with its SPOT ITS. Based on open web standards and utilizing off-the-shelf hardware, SPOT is a cloud-based platform that provides the full range of data collection, real-time predictions, traveler information systems and powerful administrative tools that efficiently manage every aspect of your transit operations.

SPOT is so flexible, it becomes a straightforward process to expand system capabilities to meet the demands of a changing transit environment. New capabilities are quickly and easily added. No expensive proprietary hardware to buy. No logistical hoops. Less cost. Less hassle. A world of customization.

With a SPOT ITS, you’re no longer tied to expensive proprietary hardware. Control of your system can be managed through any Internet-connected device providing administrators and their staff greater freedom to manage, build and improve operations.

Gannett Fleming Inc.


Gannett Fleming is a leader in global infrastructure solutions with a focus on planning, design, technology and construction management services for a diverse array of markets and disciplines.

Gannett Fleming engineers will at its booth to discuss its role as lead designer and key contributor to the final environmental impact statement for the Purple Line Light Rail, the nation’s first public-private partnership light rail project. The new line will create an east-west transit route that will serve up to 74,000 passengers every day.

The team will discuss other projects, including: Go Transit Electrification for Metrolinx in Toronto, Ontario; the Caltrain Electrification for Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers board in California; the Long Island Rail Road Expansion Project Floral Park and Hicksville 3rd Track

Architectural/Engineering General Engineering Consulting for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, D.C.; positive train control for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Eagle P3 for the Regional Transportation District in Denver, Colorado; and the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit for Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District in California.
Kam Shadan, P.E., Gannett Fleming Vice President, will be presenting “Managing Third Party Risks to Your Project” at the EXPO and will be available for questions at the booth.

Gillig LLC


The BRTPlus from Gillig features a sleek, aerodynamic design, which incorporates a raised, raked-back front cap blended into a full-length, contoured roofline. Its modern profile makes a distinguished statement in the community.
The BRTPlus is available in 29-foot, 35-foot and 40-foot lengths powered clean diesel, diesel-electric hybrid or compressed natural gas.

The Cobb Community Transit Authority 40-foot BRT PLUS Commuter is one of Gillig’s buses on display at EXPO.

Gillig is a leading-heavy-duty transit bus manufacturer and aftermarket parts supplier in the United States. From initial design through final assembly, each Gillig bus is developed and built by dedicated American workers. The modular product design accommodates unique customer needs by allowing for custom combinations of the propulsion system, length (30', 35', 40'), and styling package (Standard, BRT, BRT PLUS), all while maintaining fleet commonality. GILLIG produces buses incorporating a broad range of drive systems, including clean diesel, compressed natural gas, diesel-electric hybrid, and zero-emission battery-electric.



With HaCon‘s HAFAS trip planning system, riders are now able to enjoy an efficient and seamless travel experience. HaCon and Bytemark, leaders in the public transit high-tech community, together provide smart integration of their trip planning and mobile ticketing solutions.

The HAFAS trip planning system has already been downloaded more than 200 million times worldwide and features door-to-door routing, including all modes of transportation, real-time information and individual push notifications. HAFAS has been deployed more than 80 times in high-density and high-speed European transportation networks, setting new standards in terms of comfort, feature richness and accuracy.

It’s fast, unique HAFAS algorithms will find the fastest and best route from door to door. It considers all available real-time information, last-minute detours and even factors in individual preferences, such as shortest walking distance, shortest trip time, minimal transfers or preferred service mode.

It’s multimodal trip planning includes multimodal searches and integrates bus, metro, rail, park and ride, car sharing, bike sharing, taxi, flights, ferries and more.

INIT Innovations in Transportation Inc.


INIT is showcasing its fully integrated systems. In July 2017, TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar, along with INIT Innovations in Transportation Inc., celebrated the launch of the fully integrated ITS and open payments e-fare system in the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area.

The task was to implement an open payments and account-based electronic fare system, deliver open application programming interfaces (API) for third-party system integration, ensure multi-client capability, integrate with existing ITS systems, and to provide a comprehensive back-office processing and clearing system.

The solution was a fully integrated operations control, real-time passenger information and electronic fare collection system that offers payment through ApplePay, AndroidPay, SamsungPay, account-based smart cards, mobile tickets, and contactless bank card payment options; real-time fare validation in under 500ms; daily and monthly fare capping; and open APIs serving more than a dozen integration projects.



InnoTrans is the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology and takes place every two years in Berlin, Germany. At the last event 2,955 exhibitors from 60 countries presented the global rail industry’s innovations to 137,391 trade visitors who came from 119 countries. The five segments at InnoTrans are Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction. 

Bus Display 2018 is on course for success. Last year’s launch of the Bus Display was an all-round success. Numerous manufacturers of public transport buses were able to exhibit on the static display area, as well as on the adjacent demonstration course. To date, no other trade fair offers this unique combination of a display area and test circuit.

InnoTrans is organised by Messe Berlin. The 12th edition of InnoTrans will take place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from September 18 to 21, 2018.

Iris GmbH


The IRMA 3D automated passenger counting system employs a laser light pulsing in short succession in the invisible IR range, which is reflected by objects and registered by the detector. By measuring the time span between the emission and reception of the light impulse, the distance to the object is calculated. In this way, the system generates a 3D image of the door area. Even in dense crowds, individual passengers are recognized and counted accurately. The raw data is more than 96 percent accurate and independent of environmental conditions.

With the IRMA Matrix system, Iris GmbH created a revolutionary product for passenger counting, further developing the IRMA 3D sensor's measuring principle. A sensor matrix with 500 pixels measures the distance to the object and captures it in 3-D. This is made possible with the innovative time-of-flight technology. It uses the phase difference between the signals sent out and decoded by the sensor in measuring the distance to the object through the signal's transit time. This makes it possible to determine, with the highest degree of accuracy, the physical presence and movement of persons in the field of vision. The result is high-precision measurement with defined absolute accuracy.

Liebherr-Transportation Systems


The Liebherr Group is one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world. Liebherr’s high-value products and services enjoy a high reputation in many other fields. The wide range includes domestic appliances, aerospace and transportation systems, machine tools and maritime cranes.

Every product line provides a complete range of models in many different versions. With both their technical excellence and acknowledged quality, Liebherr products offer a maximum of customer benefits in practical application.
To provide consistent, top quality products, Liebherr attaches great importance to each product area, its components and core technologies. Important modules and components are developed and manufactured in-house, for instance the entire drive and control technology for construction equipment.

Luminator Technology Group


MobiVISION is a full-color, high-resolution LED display solution suitable for video and advertising content in combination with route and destination information as well as service announcements. The rugged display is IP65 classified (dust and water protection) for internal or external mounting on a transit bus. A key advantage of the solution is geolocation-targeted advertising.

The exceptional video quality enables completely fluid scrolling movement with a high frame rate of 60fps, automatic dimming adjustment and white balance compensation. Media content can be easily updated via USB and Ethernet interfaces. The 64x64 LED boards can be modularly arranged to ensure the sign fits within the existing space constraints. To meet local regulatory requirements, the messaging can be set to run only while the bus is stopped.
MobiVISION is the ideal solution for flexible, high-impact advertising on the outside of a bus.

Lytx Inc.


Leveraging the power of video, Lytx Video ServicesSM, when combined with the DriveCam video safety program, gives fleets maximum visibility and precise actionable insights about their fleet and drivers to help improve safety and operations.

With the clarity of video, you can see what's happening with your passengers, the vehicle itself, and its environment. The service offers live-streaming video, DVR with up to a 100 hours of recording, and the option to connect up to 11 additional third-party auxiliary cameras. Users can manage their safety program and view auxiliary camera video all in one place. With Lytx Video Services, fleets don’t just get video. They can get clear vision into exactly what happened, and why. Lytx Video Services is being demonstrated in Booth #220.

March Networks


March Networks is showcasing its mobile IP cameras to its complete transportation solution for bus, light rail and passenger rail fleets. Designed to provide transit operators with improved and more comprehensive surveillance coverage, the megapixel cameras are purpose-built to withstand demanding mobile environments and capture consistently clear video in near darkness, bright daylight and the abrupt lighting transitions that occur when vehicles enter and exit tunnels and underpasses.

The mobile IP cameras are fully integrated with leading March Networks RideSafe Series Network Video Recorders and easily managed with powerful March Networks Command for Transit software. They are ideal for transit operators ready to upgrade from analog to high-definition surveillance video, as well as those seeking highly-reliable cameras certified to withstand the wide temperature ranges, humidity, shock, vibration and other environmental pressures common on mobile vehicles.

The Mobile ME4 IR MicDome combines 4MP resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) and powerful infrared (IR) LEDs to capture sharp, detailed images in varied lighting.

The Mobile HDR Forward Facing camera can be mounted on a dashboard or ceiling and comes with an optional, anti-glare cone to minimize windshield glare and reflection. Its combination of HDR and 3MP resolution ensures exceptionally clear video, while features such as a weatherproof, vandal-resistant (IP67 / IK10) aluminum housing make it ideal for rugged transit applications.

The Mobile HDR Wedge is designed to capture high-definition 3MP video from the exterior of a bus or passenger rail train. The camera includes built-in heaters and vents to prevent condensation and fogging, a weatherproof vandal-resistant (IP67 / IK10) housing, and SAE J1455 and EN50155 certifications.

The Evolution 05 Mini Panel Mount and Evolution 05 Mini Outdoor cameras introduce advanced 360-degree surveillance to March Networks’ transportation solution via a strategic partnership with Oncam®, the leader in 360-degree technology. With 5MP sensors and no moving parts, the cameras are EN50155 certified, come with multiple mounting options, are available in black or white models, and are fully integrated with March Networks Command software for powerful client-side de-warping.

Metrom Rail


The AURA Maintenance of Way Utility is an innovative safety and efficiency platform that combines collision avoidance capabilities with a comprehensive productivity suite. Using ultrawide band technology as the basis for collision avoidance for the first time in the railway industry, the system provides advanced warning of spacing violations and offers a speed-based detection system to protect maintenance of way equipment and hi-rail vehicles and their operators. Users can monitor machine activity, functionality and location, assign work gangs, and establish control points through AURA ACCESS, a web-based portal. AURA Maintenance of Way Utility can be installed on new equipment or easily retrofitted to assets already in the field.

Mohawk Lifts


Mohawk Lifts is featuring the touchscreen control for its 18,000, 24,000 and 30,000-pound capacity mobile column lifts. It displays the lift status, current post height, battery level on DC units, total weight on all posts and whether the unit load is lowered on the mechanical locks — an audio alarm signals if the lift is not lowered on the mechanical locks. The supervisor can set up to eight users and passwords while programming each user specific height maximums and lockout times and can track individual employee usage and productivity.

A maintenance screen displays service contact information, serial number, past and future inspection dates and lifting cycles. The unit also records lift usage by cycles per day, cycles per week, cycles per month and cycles per year.

Muncie-Baker, an ABC Company

7359 & 6657

Muncie-Baker, an ABC Company, offers quick delivery of quality replacement parts for all make and model transit buses. All in-stock replacement parts ship within 24 hours. The extensive supplier base allows Muncie-Baker to keep an unrivaled inventory in-stock, with more than 200,000 part numbers for all transit bus and coach manufacturers, including Gillig (14,000+ part numbers), MCI (22,000+), New Flyer (16,000+), Nova Bus (29,000+), Van Hool (31,000+), to name a few.

With more than 80 supplier partners, Muncie-Baker offers bumper-to-bumper parts for all make and model transit buses and motorcoaches. Muncie-Baker has exclusive supply agreements with some of the best vendors in the industry, such as Winnard, Emco Wheaton, SiriusLED and Airmotion to name a few.

Nanov Display Inc.


The 55-inch Outdoor Transit Information System Display — NHLT-550LH — features a 2500cd sunlight-readable, high-brightness screen and is a fully sealed, certified IP65 monitor. It is clear even under direct sunlight, vandal-proof and designed for the outdoors. There’s an in-monitor space for an embedded analytics web camera and in-monitor space for an embedded NUC computer. It is ceiling mountable or side pole mountable. It’s also perfect for the outdoors under a canopy, as well as a stand-alone monitor in landscape settings. Furthermore, the display has bulkhead waterproof connector ports, as well as the space and power to optionally add your own computer / media player, analytical web camera, or SMA modern connection.

New Flyer


New Flyer has 40 years and more than 100 million miles of experience with electric propulsion including trolley, hybrid and fuel-cell buses. Most recently, New Flyer electrification development has been focused on applying battery-electric propulsion to its proven Xcelsior platform. It is available in 35-foot, 40-foot and 60-foot.

Lithium batteries plus regenerative braking work together to provide a range of approximately 120 miles, without charging from an external source. Recharging can be accomplished by driving the bus under a charging gantry and raising the charging pantograph using a simple side-console control. The Xcelsior Electric may also be re-charged at maintenance facilities using either an overhead gantry, shop charger, or portable charging solution.



Featuring an elegant, sleek design with lean frames and a small footprint, the All-in-One Kiosk offers a complete digital signage solution for mass transit applications. From wayfinding to entertainment to ticketing, the All-in-One Kiosk features an LCD display with six points of IR touch to fully engage users.

Powered by a BrightSign media player, the All-in-One Kiosk delivers flawless full HD 1080p60 single video decoding, HTML support, networked content playback, as well as an abundant set of features like interactivity via the GPIO port, remote snapshot, live text, media feeds, and multi-zone.

The All-in-One Kiosk offers a quick and easy installation via SD card, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cable, and allows for seamless content updates using an iPad or iPhone.
With Peerless-AV’s All-in-One Kiosk, mass transit stations are provided a custom kiosk solution through one vendor, saving time and costs.

Phoenix Contact


Phoenix Contact’s proven VAL-MS AR line of surge protective devices (SPDs) has upgraded lightning protection for the railroad industry. The AR line combines advanced connection and hybrid surge protection technologies and provides the ability to accurately replace SPDs, thus increasing safety and improving revenue time.

The AR line of products provides significant advantages over existing connection technology and protection practices in one easy-to-install solution. The AR devices are four times faster to install and maintain than traditional ice-cube-style SPDs. This quick connection can result in significant labor and maintenance savings as railways modernize their wayside equipment to meet federal Positive Train Control (PTC) mandates. An increased level of safety is achieved by indicators that provide both local and remote notice of end-of-life.

Proven Phoenix Contact technologies provide this rapid track-side field connection through screw-clamp terminals and quick-disconnect test points. Improved protection levels and visual status indication provided on hot-swappable surge protection plugs reduce equipment damage while providing a rapid, safe method for replacement.

The AR line also complies with the best practice guidelines set forth in the AREMA C&S manual. In addition, the remote monitoring feature offers critical real-time feedback of protection status to maximize track uptime, so maintenance staff can “know before they go.”



Prelco is an expert in safety glass manufacturing with more than 50 years of experience and in synergy with its Beclawat Manufacturing Inc. division, is a total solutions provider.

Since 1912, Beclawat Manufacturing Inc. has been renowned for its top-quality and innovative production of complete window and door solutions serving the evolving needs of the marine, rail, transit and defense industries.
One such need in the global transit market are high-frequency-use windows, such as operator cab sliders. These windows continue to pose a number of problems and concern for transit authorities. Often, these poorly performing windows create not only increased repair & replacement demands but also the potential for serious injury and lost time incidents for transit personnel.

Beclawat has responded to this need by developing a new super-duty transit sliding window system that combines advanced materials and designs to create a window built for the long haul.
With duty-cycle durability into the millions, Beclawat’s transit slider is designed to provide consistent performance and durability for years to come. The new operator-friendly design is sure to become the new standard.

Pro-Flex Rubber Inc.


Pro-Flex has been providing its extruded silicone 35 to color match the aesthetics interiors of passenger rail cars.

Silicone is the best material for products that must retain their effectiveness and performance under a range of varying temperatures. Pro-Flex’s silicone extrusions are extremely versatile with many useful properties: extremely strong when combined with ozone (both in gaseous and liquid forms), excellent resistance to ultraviolet and oxidation, remains flexible at low temperatures as low as -160°C, resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, excellent electrical insulation, and has a low strain rate.

Progress Rail


We have designed and manufactured locomotives unmatched in value and innovation. In fact, we have delivered 65,000 EMD-powered locomotives to more than 75 countries around the globe.

Its new F125 high-speed passenger locomotive is the first new EPA Tier 4 passenger locomotive to be sold in the world. At 125 miles per hour, it’s the fastest diesel-electric locomotive in North America. And, while offering 4,700 horsepower, it still weighs only 280,000 pounds — the lightest of its type.

Important safety features are packed into this powerhouse, including crash energy management (CEM) using advanced world-class engineering techniques from Stadler Rail — Progress Rail’s partner in the design and manufacture of this high-speed locomotive.

Powered by a Caterpillar C175 engine, the new F125 passenger locomotive is fast, clean, and efficient. It also complies with Buy America regulations.



Proterra’s Catalyst battery-electric buses have been put to the test in communities across North America through more than 2.5 million miles of service. Designed from the start as an exclusively electric vehicle, Catalyst delivers exceptional route flexibility and proven operational performance, with the greatest range of any zero-emission, battery-electric bus in its class.

Made with an advanced carbon-fiber-reinforced body and the market’s highest-efficiency electric drivetrain, the Catalyst bus is designed to safely and quietly endure nearly two decades of on-road service, with minimal maintenance required.

Proterra offers a modular, technology-centric approach to vehicle configuration. Customers can choose from two vehicle sizes and can select their energy level, as well as charging solutions to meet the needs of their specific routes. Catalyst buses can be upgraded to meet changing needs throughout the vehicles’ life.

PRO-VISION Video Systems


The PRO-VISION High-Definition Transit Bus Camera System captures 16 channels of 1080p True HD video and audio simultaneously. Wirelessly transferring video files eliminates the need to manually remove a storage device to retrieve files and when utilized with its video management solution, SecuraMax, the entire process can be automated. The system automatically sends instant health and event alert emails, eliminating downtime and providing real-time notification of important video events. Combining industry-leading features and a 5-Year System Warranty, the PRO-VISION System is one of the most reliable, simple and affordable bus camera systems available.



For more than 50 combined years, Q’Straint and Sure-Lok have remained focused on one vision: to develop the world’s most effective wheelchair passenger safety solutions for public and private transportation. Today, Q’Straint/Sure-Lok is a global company with a network of representatives serving customers in more than 50 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

They strive to keep your passengers and drivers safe by providing the safest wheelchair and occupant securement systems on the market, including Q’Straint’s Quantum, which is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic, rear-facing wheelchair securement station. It allows passengers to board a bus, quickly position their chairs, and simply push a button to secure themselves in a stable and safe rear-facing position without driver assistance — all in under 25 seconds. This independent securement process inspires to profoundly change the face of public wheelchair passenger transportation.



REI is proud to introduce MegaMedia, its new state-of-the-art wireless on-demand passenger entertainment system designed for use on all modes of transportation, including trains and buses. Enhance your passengers’ onboard experience by providing amazing high-definition movies, TV shows and games streamed wirelessly to your passengers’ personal devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Travelers can simply connect to your passenger entertainment portal and enjoy your content libraries while traveling in the comfort of their own seat.

Rotary Lift


Rotary Lift has reinvented the popular wireless mobile column lift to make it even faster and more powerful for lifting any truck, bus or other heavy-duty vehicle. Rotary’s new Mach Flex powered by RedFire wireless mobile column lifting system puts the ability to lift more than 150,000 pounds right in the technicians’ hands with a patent-pending remote control. Using the remote control lets the technician move around the vehicle while operating the lift from anywhere in the bay for maximum visibility and flexibility.

With Mach Flex, technicians are no longer tied down to operating the lift while standing at a single column. In some shops, especially those servicing buses or other long vehicles, two technicians often work together to operate mobile column lifts — one to run the lift and the other to walk around and check that everything is going smoothly. Thanks to Mach Flex’s industrial-grade remote control, a single technician can operate the lift while walking around the vehicle and the bay, keeping an eye out for any obstructions or other issues.

Setting up the Mach Flex lifting system is simple. The remote control guides the technician step by step, eliminating the need to stay at each column to sync it before moving to the next, which reduces setup time.
The MCH19 FLEX offers a new, higher lifting capacity of 18,800 pounds per column, enabling a set of eight columns to pick up vehicles weighing up to 150,400 pounds. Mach Flex lifting systems are available in configurations of two, four, six or eight columns.

Royersford Spring Co.


The Royersford Spring Company — founded in 1922 — is dedicated to providing quality products and services to the furniture and mass transportation industries. Our corporate policy is to supply a variety of high performance materials as well as services, focused on the furniture and mass transportation seating market segments.

Our product offering includes manufactured products blend with complementary products that we represent or distribute. The goal is a wide offering of products and service that allows our customers to choose the best combination of materials to meet their design intent on a project-by-project basis. Royersford Spring Co. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Scheidt & Bachmann


See a live demo showing a fare collection with a mere three stations or stops, but demonstrates how an operator of a large multimodal system can leverage the benefits of Account-based Ticketing to cut operating costs; simplify change management; integrate any third-party fare media or device; and future-proof one’s fare collection system to grow as the operator’s system expands and technology evolves.

When using Account-based ticketing (ABT), the fare management system’s intelligence is transferred into the background system. Ticketing processes are executed in real-time and in the cloud, invisible to the passenger.
ABT stores customer, ticket and tariff data only in the background system. So the various modules, such as fare calculation, always have access to every existing data set within the system. This allows the tariff system to be designed in a completely dynamic and flexible way, without the passenger’s active involvement in the processes.

Each passenger is given an unique ID which links them with an account in the background system. With nearly any electronically readable form of ID, the user can take full advantage of the transport company's services. Field devices serve as an interface between the passenger and the ABT system.



SLEC Inc. is exhibiting its 18,000-pound column lift, manufactured in Baltimore and Buy America compliant. The full range of lifts from 12,000 to 18,000-pound capacity are independently certified to the standards of the Automotive Lift Institute ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011.

A number of new innovations will be displayed for the first time: Adjustable fork: While the fixed fork is still available, customers can choose an adjustable fork configuration which adjusts easily from 13’ to 24” tires or 48” outside diameter. Wireless Remote: While the standard remote enables the operator to be connected into any column, the optional wireless remote allows the operator to stand back as far as 50ft to ensure that the load is rising safely and is free of any obstructions. Power propelled jack: A battery-powered jack means that the lifts can be wheeled greater distances without the possibility of injury. Gold, Silver and Bronze service packages: SLEC lifts are supported by the best after sales support in the business. If you would prefer the peace of mind of fixed costs then you can choose from a number of options and can be set up as a monthly direct deposit.

Specialty Vehicles LLC


Specialty Vehicles of Henderson, Nevada, has its new Spirit of America trolley on display. The 34-foot trolley, American-made by ARBOC Specialty Vehicles LLC, seats up to 37 passengers and features optional dual-entry doors, electronic destinations signs, dual-roof-top air conditioning units, a Braun fold-out ADA ramp, cupola and dark oak interior.

ARBOC partnered with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. to develop the exclusive Low Floor XBA chassis used for the Spirit of America trolley.

Featuring a single-level floor and no-entry step, this trolley is equally accessible for all passengers. Additionally, this unit boasts the only OEM chassis warranty in the low-floor market.



Stertil-Koni will debut its state-of-the-art Continuous Recess system, now available on its popular inground telescopic piston lift, the DIAMONDLIFT. The Continuous Recess moveable lifting unit in the DIAMONDLIFT is an industry first for piston-style lifts in North America.

With Continuous Recess, the bolsters remain completely flush with the floor anywhere in the horizontal range of piston travel, which facilitates lift setup, minimizes the possibility of hitting the lift with the vehicle and reduces tripping hazards.

With its intelligent design and high-quality materials, the DIAMONDLIFT is ideal for buses, trucks, paratransit and a wide range of other heavy vehicles. As for capacity, The DIAMONDLIFT is generally available in a 2- and 3-piston configuration with a lifting capacity up to 35,000 lbs. per piston.

Offered in two models “cassette” and “frame,” both are ALI certified, delivering the highest levels of safety and performance. Transit vehicle fleet shops will also discover ease of use through DIAMONDLIFT’s above floor, free-standing control console.

TextSpeak Digital Acoustics


TextSpeak introduces Notify!, an emergency mass notification system for transit centers, passenger hubs and public areas. NOTIFY! offers administrators, security teams and local first responders a means to broadcast instant emergency communication to passengers, staff and the general public in seconds, from anywhere.

The all-in-one package includes TextSpeak’s award-winning voice announcement system, intuitive mobile apps, alert pendants and can be configured using Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. The system also ties to TextSpeak’s earBridge text-to-speech amplifiers, currently in use in Paris, New York and Los Angeles transit systems.

The system offers transit administrators, fire, police and officials access to send real-time alerts as audio announcements, digital displays, email alerts and text messaging from command centers, mobile phones, sensors and wearable emergency pendants.

Installation is fully scalable to allow multiple transit centers to be managed and interconnected. Announcements and alerts can be issues to individuals, stations or the entire transit system at any time.

Thermo King


The RLFE is an all-electric, hermetically sealed rooftop unit for battery bus, hybrid bus, trolley bus and engine-driven alternator-powered applications. The RLFE delivers clean, efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning comfort for passengers using hermetically sealed electric scroll compressors, two stages of electric heat and variable frequency control of the compressor and air movers. The RLFE all-electric HVAC system can deliver the same capacity at all vehicle speeds and optimizes energy efficiency through the intelligent control system.

The RLFE features a rugged, transit duty, one-piece design for exceptional durability and ease of installation. The system comes from the factory pre-charged with high-capacity, environmentally friendly R-407C refrigerant and all pipes and fittings are enclosed within the system. The absence of hoses and fittings external to the unit drastically improves reliability, lowers maintenance costs and overall life-cycle costs.

Tolar Manufacturing Co.


Tolar Manufacturing Company announced it has completed the delivery of 16 bus rapid transit (BRT) stations and an additional 10 bus stop shelters for Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in San Jose, California. The shelters are now installed along VTA’s new and exciting 7-mile Alum Rock- Santa Clara BRT corridor and throughout the city’s downtown core.

The 47-feet to 51-feet purpose-built BRT shelters reflect the character of the surrounding business corridor with stylishly modern sleek lines, brushed stainless steel cladding and rail barriers. Weather-protective walls and beautiful angled glass roofs incorporate lively public art elements that extend through to the ground. State-of-the-art amenities include real-time information in oversized LED digital displays, closed-circuit 24/7 security cameras, enhanced under-roof passenger security lighting, and light poles equipped with LED next bus arrival readers. Four of the seventeen BRT shelters are built directly on the boulevard median adding to the complexity of the project.

Tolar Manufacturing also fabricated 10, 12-feet to 19-feet bus stop shelters designed to tie-in with the BRT station look and feel creating a cohesive image for VTA. These free-standing bus stop shelters incorporate angled polycarbonate roof panels, aluminum support poles, seating, and security cameras. Some of the stops also include oversized transit information displays.

Trapeze Group


Transit technology — what does it mean to you? To Trapeze, it means sharing best practices, processes and techniques. It’s about communicating data from one tool to another; analyzing information from different business areas and using those learnings across your entire enterprise; it's all about integration.

The challenges your agency has to worry about — aging infrastructure, decreasing ridership and paratransit cost escalation, to name a few — will be addressed by your software technology. Understanding how those systems can work together to maximize performance is the answer every agency is looking for. Trapeze, works with you to build that enterprise suite to help you deal with your major challenges and deliver faster, safer and more reliable service to your passengers, every day, every ride.

USSC/4ONE/Freedman Seating


Introducing the newest addition to the popular Eleganza Collection, the Palermo seat serves your economical needs without compromising style or comfort. Now available with integrated 3-point seat belts. The executive line by FMS includes the market’s most complete seating solutions with luxury and safety at the forefront of its design and engineering. The Palermo seat utilizes existing Freedman Feather Weight base frames and legs, making it an easy fit for most vehicle types. Deep side bolsters add comfort while contrast stitching and upholstery give way to endless styles. New Italia coach-style and matching Messina arms can be added to any Eleganza Collection seat and other Freedman seats.

Vapor Bus International - A Wabtec Company


Vapor, the leading door equipment supplier to the North American bus industry unveiled new door technology. Vapor’s unsurpassed industry experience, innovative engineering and total concept-to-delivery product processes solve every transit environment challenge. See equipment demonstrations and visit with Vapor representatives in the Wabtec-Faiveley exhibit, booth #8534 in Hall C, and in the Mayser exhibit in booth #3841 in Hall B.

Vapor is a division of Wabtec Corp., a leading provider of products and services for the passenger transit and freight rail industries. Through its subsidiaries, Wabtec provides highly engineered products — from door systems, to braking equipment, to electronics, to HVAC systems — that can be found on virtually every bus, passenger rail car, freight car, and locomotive in North America and in more than 100 countries. The company also offers an array of aftermarket services, and builds high-efficiency locomotives for commuter applications.

Vision Systems


Building on an 80-year expertise in rear vision and on its business unit Safety Tech, dedicated to advanced driver assistance systems, Vision Systems will showcase for the first time in the U.S. its camera monitoring system Smart-Vision, which replaces the rearview mirrors by high-definition cameras and interior displays. Developed by Safety Tech, Smart-Vision is an innovative and efficient solution for buses, coaches, recreational vehicles, trucks and specific vehicles, providing optimized visibility and enhanced ergonomics. The system operates night and day, in every weather and in any driving environment. Compared with standard rearview mirrors, the interior displays eliminate glare and the automatic adjustment of the screens’ brightness ensures excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

Optional driver assistance systems developed in-house based on image analysis can be added to the solution. Indeed, the Safety-Mirror solution alone comprises side cameras next to the rearview mirrors and an interior display providing improved visibility, lane changing assistance, blind spot detection, high-speed and long-distance vehicle detection and monitoring of the vehicle’s surrounding. The system can be integrated into the Smart-Vision solution without additional cameras.

The Safety-Front solution, most particularly designed for urban vehicles and consisting of intelligent and configurable sensors, alerts the driver when a risk of collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian is detected. The anticipation of collision is based on path comparison, taking in account the road users’ position, speed and direction. The solution differentiates a road user who represents a potential collision danger from another one who does not; if there is no collision risk, the alert does not activate. The system can also include guidance and maneuver assistance, video recording for insurances and statistics on risk areas for drivers’ training or improvement of urban space.

Voith Turbo Inc.


A Crash Energy Management system is composed of several matched energy absorbing components which are integrated in both the coupler and the carbody. The energy absorption works in a cascading way, compensating a high amount of energy in case of a crash and preventing an overriding of the cars.

A standard AAR coupler head was fitted with state-of-the-art energy absorption features, forming a “push back” coupler.

The drawgear is mounting compatible to that of standard AAR couplers. In addition to the usual reversible energy absorption element it contains an irreversible part based on deformation tube technology. Should a crash occur, the coupler is pushed back into the drawgear, absorbing a great amount of energy on its way.

Some serious train accidents during the last years have caused a mind-shift towards an introduction of crash energy management systems to increase passenger safety. In California, the acquisition of a new vehicle-fleet for SCRRA Metrolink was postponed until a solution would be found to efficiently protect both passengers and trains. The vehicles were equipped with Crash Energy Management (CEM) using Voith Turbo Scharfenberg technology. Today, a complete CEM system is available, complying with the latest FRA safety regulations.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG


Suitable for all buses, EcoLife is the ideal transmission for any application. The powershift transmission has an optimal gear ratio spread combined with especially high mechanical efficiency. The torque converter lock-up clutch closes shortly after set-off to use engine power effectively. Combined with the torque converter ratio, the six gears produce a maximum total spread of 12.5.

TopoDyn Life shift software controls the gear shifts. As the topography changes, this program always selects the right gear, while also taking into account all other driving resistance values.

The hydrodynamic torque converter with standard turbine torsional damper enables high input torques at low engine speeds. This cuts fuel consumption by up to 5 percent compared with automatic transmissions with fewer than 6 gears. It also reduces the noise level.

The integrated primary retarder is incorporated into the vehicle's brake management system and supports high braking power even at low speeds. This effectively reduces the strain on the vehicle's service brakes. The dual cooling system with transmission and retarder heat exchanger reliably protects against overheating and extends oil change intervals.

The biggest challenge in congested urban areas is driving with lots of short stops of under 20 seconds. This is also where the greatest potential for savings lies. Now, after extensive hardware and software enhancements, EcoLife with a torque of up to 1,600 newton meters is fully stop/start-capable. As a result, the transmission system manages an unlimited stop/start frequency in city traffic. That adds up to another fuel saving of up to 10 percent.