2016 Top 40 Under 40: Brandon Policicchio

Sept. 6, 2016
Brandon Policicchio, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

Brandon Policicchio

Deputy Chief Operations Officer

Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

  • One word to describe yourself: Ambitious
  • Alma Mater: Ohio State University
  • Favorite book: "Leaders Eat Last" Simon Sinek
  • Favorite TV show: "Modern Family"
  • Favorite Transit System outside one they’ve worked for: Swiss Travel System Zürich, Switzerland – clean, on time and friendly, travel is seamless along their rail line

Dayton RTA recruited and hired Brandon Policicchio in October, 2012 as its Deputy Chief Operations Officer. Since beginning at RTA, he has made numerous positive contributions to the agency, community and is a great example of young talent that RTA seeks to retain.

In his role as Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Policicchio leads four distinct business units that operate the day-to-day bus service for RTA and its customers. Those units include RTA Revenue Service and Dispatching Operations for Fixed Route and Paratransit, Safety & Security, Call Center, ADA Certification and Regional Coordination. 

Policicchio has been successful in leading his teams to achieve positive results for both short-term and long-terms goals of the Agency. His leadership style is inclusive and he gets buy-in from his team before tackling complex tasks or projects.  He understands that people drive results and that his job is to facilitate continuous improvement. Policicchio has been instrumental in realigning human capital within Operations to ensure RTA has the right people focused on the right issues. 

Since his arrival to RTA in late 2012, Policicchio and his team have improved Fixed Route on-time performance from 75% to 82% and similarly, Paratransit from 89% to 93%. Policicchio has strengthened RTA’s relationship with Montgomery County Department of Jobs & Family Services by identifying opportunities to streamline transportation services to County residents. RTA signed an agreement with the County in 2015 to incorporate their Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for Medicaid eligible customers into RTA’s existing paratransit services. 

One of Policicchio’s strengths is his vision for technology in a transit environment to enhance the customer experience.

"Really working with the customers who are requesting or seeking opportunities to expand service offerings and working with our drivers. Our drivers provide good insight, they really know our customers the most - they honestly help us to achieve and expand services from what the public is saying."