Passsenger-centered Solutions from TSO Mobile

Oct. 14, 2014

TSO Mobile Public Transportation concentrates on providing immediate public transportation solutions through integrated satellite tracking through GPS. The company has a strong belief in passenger-centric solutions to improve the commuting experience, security and operations.

“We try to create passenger-centered solutions and figure out how to improve the experience from the passengers perspective,” said Diego Capelluto, Director of Public Transportation, TSO Mobile.

The focus on the passenger takes their needs and expectations into consideration instead of attempting to match customers to existing services and programs. “We are a very flexible company because we have our software architecture and developers in-house to allow us to deliver a great product built for the customer,” said Capelluto.

TSO incorporated the auto announcers to be automatically GPS triggered so the driver does not have to touch any buttons to announce a next stop location. The company also incorporated new features including TV advertisements to manage campaigns throughout the year.

“Now, with one centralized server, you can manage multiple screens at multiple locations in and outside of buses in real-time. Before, the campaign files had to be loaded at each location separately via a USB drive. Now the information can be sent over the air,” said Capelluto. “That’s very important because this kind of system creates new revenue opportunities. Right away, you can have a low cost advertising opportunity for customers.

Another feature, the anti-bunching algorithm that was created in-house, provides a simple monitor to the driver to show how he or she is performing in what is referred to as the “comfort zone” in regards to keeping an on-time schedule. There is currently a prototype working in the field to test the efficiency gains on the route using the algorithm.

“We have solutions that helps passengers, entities, cities and administrators with the same information. We capture information efficiently and work with that information on centralized servers to distribute the information in different ways for each person to use,” Capelluto said.

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April 2, 2014