Expo Products Monday

Oct. 12, 2014

Bringing a New Spirit to Light Rail and Streetcars with Citadis

Alstom Transport

Alstom’s Citadis offers a range of solutions for cities building new tramway networks and those wishing to modernize existing networks.

The Citadis is an expressive object, reflecting the identity of the cities in which it circulates through a customizable design.

The Citadis is built on a platform of standardized components; offers comfort to passengers through ergonomic seats, warm materials, sensory design for fabrics and lighting, on-board passenger surveillance and information system; The livery, the train’s nose and interior can be customized; the length of the train set can be changed at any point in its lifecycle; and the Citadis can be equipped with several electric power systems with or without overhead lines by using APS or batteries.

Citadis is a tramway technology platform built around environmental and social concerns.

Visual pollution is reduced due to a design reflecting the city’s image and through APS technology. Noise and energy consumption levels have also been reduced to a minimum.

Interior circulation and low floors throughout make the Citadis more accessible to all.  

Visit Alstom Transport at Booth 1736.

Altro Transflor Figura Patterned Safety Flooring for Buses

Alto Transflor

Altro Transflor, transit safety flooring specialist is displaying the Altro Transflor Figura, patterned safety flooring designed for bus interiors, which promises to give greater aesthetics for bus interiors.

It features a modern palette of 10 on-trend patterned designs.  The collection includes five carpet patterns and five fireworks designs.   It offers slip resistance to keep your passengers safe. 

Altro Transflor Figura is resilient and durable, and includes a quality wear layer, incorporating silicon carbide and aluminum oxide grains for slip-resistance. Dimensional stability is increased by including the scrim in the middle. 

Altro Transflor Figura is 2 meters wide and is available in both 2.2 mm and 2.7 mm thicknesses.  The range consists of 10 patterns and is stocked locally in North America. 

Visit Alto Transflor at Booth 3129.

Meet your CoPilot  An All-in-One Mobile DVR


Train your drivers and track your fleet with the AngelTrax CoPilot.

CoPilot captures and records video and data to improve fleet efficiency without requiring a monthly subscription.

CoPilot features two built-in adjustable, PeriOptic lens cameras. The system can also accommodate two additional cameras to capture more views during the vehicle route.

With its GPS tracking and G-Force inertia sensor, CoPilot monitors and records data on speed, location, impacts and excessive force. Real-time, audible alerts and a blinking LED light discourage dangerous driving maneuvers and video footage is embedded with event markers for easy reference during playback. Recorded video and audio data is watermarked and encrypted to ensure video capture is authentic and court admissible.

CoPilot footage is recorded continuously on SD cards and protected by the system's key-locking SD card cover and vandal-proof, shock-resistant housing.

CoPilot's built in 500 MHz LAN connectivity allows the DVR to communicate through an optional  AP Router or cellular modem to transmit data.

Visit Angeltrax at Booth 1213.

Apollo Video Announces New RoadRunner HD

Apollo Video

Transportation managers are realizing more than ever the role security systems have in improving public safety and guaranteeing successful operations. As a manufacturer of mobile video surveillance and fleet management solutions, Apollo Video Technology delivers hardware with software to maximize an agency’s investment.

At APTA, Apollo Video is launching RoadRunner HD, a mobile video recorder. 

Supporting up to 16 channels of power of ethernet (PoE) megapixel and analog cameras, 18 audio inputs and a 4.0 terabytes of removable storage, the RoadRunner HD offers a balance between the high quality recording for critical events and maintaining the longest onboard recording duration to mitigate risk and liability.

Its plug-and-play format requires no networking expertise and is backwards compatible with existing RoadRunner systems and ViM Software. Such capabilities allow transportation agencies to build a comprehensive and customized fleet management system to improve efficiency, increase accessibility of data and reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Visit Apollo Video at Booth 2829. 

Belanger Offers Effective Bus Wash Systems


Belanger’s Transit Wash System is built to wash buses quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Every component is free-standing and modular, and can be custom designed from a money-saving friction wash, to an accommodating touchless system, to a hybrid wash.

The Gyro Wraps are self-stabilizing and pivot through a full 360 degrees, hugging contours while remaining gentle on mirrors, bike racks and graphics. Side brushes are available in single-hung or double-hung designs, with filament or Neotex foam wash media.

Belanger’s all-friction and hybrid friction/touchless washes can recycle 85 percent of wash. A smart controller shuts off power and water in less than one second between buses.

Belanger’s V-Max Large Vehicle Wash is perfect for mixed fleets. With its overhead gantry design, the V-Max washes a wide range of vehicles.

As a severe-duty touchless wash, the V-Max delivers millions of wash cycles, cleaning vehicles of all shapes and sizes in just three to six minutes each.

Visit Belanger at Booth 2336. 

Hassle Free Bus Washing Comes of Age


Bitimec is introducing the new battery powered 626-EZ bus and railcar wash system.

The 626-EZ is a pallet size fully autonomous bus wash on wheels taking only 15 square feet of floor space. Deep cycle batteries drive the power-bus-wash allowing it to wash up to 40 buses on one charge. The 626-EZ has double controls to wash in both direction and requires minimal maneuvering.

The unit is quiet and emission free, using about 8 cents of power per bus. It has a 112 gallon water tank, a 13 gallon premix-detergent presoak tank, and Bitimec's brush-only inclination system. All functions are push button operable. Operators need only minutes to become professional detailers and the feather light EZ 4-wheel-steering makes the machine light.

Visit Bitimec at Booth 3061.

Brasco International Introduces the 2014 Shade Shelter 

Brasco International 

Brasco International is introducing the latest addition to its shelter collection with the 2014 Shade shelter. 

It offers a slender profile with asymmetrical canopy roof and a custom multi-spoke hub, on round 4-6 inch columns.  Optional solar flex panels stretch across the canopy for LED night lighting or ad box illumination.  Order with or without back windscreen and bench.  Made from recycled no-rust aluminum and can be powder coated to any RAL color preference.

Visit Brasco International at Booth 4313.

BYD Announces New 30-foot Mid-e Battery-Electric Bus

BYD Motors Inc.

BYD Motors Inc. is introducing another addition to their long-range, battery-electric bus lineup – the 30-foot Mid-e Bus.

The Mid-e has been developed specifically for U.S. transit operations with a focus on university campus and smaller-format transport applications. A high-floor version Mid-e demo bus can be viewed at the BYD Motors display during exhibit hours Oct. 13–15 at APTA Expo. Demonstrations with low-floor Mid-e buses will begin operating at universities and transit properties across America by December of 2014.

Visit BYD at Booth 5437.

Crompion International Helps Next-Generation Solutions Materialize for Public Bus Transportation

Crompion International 

Crompion Intl. has answered the call for longer vehicle life with Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steels.

Cromgard C12 is a low-cost, next-generation stainless steel. Providing added strength, reduced energy costs via lower weight, corrosion and abrasion resistance, durability and low maintenance, as well as good weldability and formability, Cromgard C12 can replace materials traditionally utilized by manufacturers in this space.

Due to its higher yield strength than traditional 304SS and conventional aluminum, Cromgard allows bus engineers the ability to specify a thinner gauge and create a lighter-weight vehicle, impacting budgetary bottom lines even further in energy and fuel costs. Lower design weight also leads to incredible fuel savings for the operator. 

Due to Cromgard C12’s longer service life, bus companies are able to warranty their vehicles for longer periods of time — 12 to 15 years.

For the first time, the companies fabricating our nation's public transit buses are able to guarantee a minimum 12-year life of the chassis due to the economical price of Cromgard C12.

Visit Crompion at Booth 2568. 

CycleStation Generates Revenue with Secure Bike Parking

Duo-Gard Inc. 

An innovation in bicycle parking offers safety and security for riders as it generates revenue. Duo-Gard Industries Inc. has introduced the new CycleStation as a solution for accommodating cyclists who own their bikes and use them regularly for commuting and recreation transportation.

Modular CycleStations typically store from 10 to 100 bikes and can be customized for specific needs. Riders purchase daily, monthly or annual passes and gain access to the station by swiping a membership card. Fees are set by the station’s owner/operator and provide a consistent return on investment.

Duo-Gard’s turnkey program includes design, database planning, software, program administration, training, structures and installation. Engineer-stamped designs are available.

Custom design, glazing and framing colors tailor the structures to each site setting to ensure any required architectural aesthetics.

In addition to standard lighting, designers can choose solar LEDs/PVs for savings and sustainability. Among the many amenities available are electric vehicle chargers. CycleStations can be networked with multiple locations and can be combined with bike-share programs. 

Visit Duo-Gard at Booth 2213.

EAO Series 57 Door Opener is ‘First Choice’ for Trains

EAO Corp.

EAO Corp. offers the Series 57 “all-in-one” door-opening pushbutton which redefines the standard for passenger access.

Representing the latest in technology, the Series 57 is the first door-opening pushbutton to combine optical, tactile and acoustic features in a single, ground breaking product.

The design features an extra-large operating area of 074mm, which includes two independently-illuminated feedback rings. The raised symbols conform to TSI PRM and ADA, and will never wear or fade. Options include illuminated symbols and an integrated ‘finding tone’ to help visually-impaired passengers.

The Series 57 is constructed using contemporary materials and will continue working through temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. The front is protected to IP69K against liquid and dirt ingress, and will resist chemical wash-downs often found within these application environments.

EAO has designed a new and final-mounting system. The pushbutton fits industry-standard mounting holes allowing vehicle operators to easily upgrade existing door openers to the Series 57.

Visit EAO at Booth 2467.

FAAC’s New MB-1000 Opens Door for Value-Conscious Transit Agencies

FAAC Inc. 

Transit industry educators have asked for a driver training simulator that packs the instructional punch of the heavyweights but tips the scales as a value-conscious bantamweight.

FAAC Inc.’s new MB-1000 Bus Simulator answers the bell for powerful, affordable transit driving simulation.

With more than 220-degrees field-of-view capability and replicated, interchangeable dash controls, instructors get a well-equipped educational toolbox in a smaller physical footprint and at less cost.

Like its bigger model, the MB-1000 requires driver training students to perform over-the-shoulder safety checks, make mirror adjustments, use and monitor dashboard signals for faults and failures and use floor signal switches. The MB-1000 also has a configurable dash panel, which enables instructors to select a number of different setups if an agency has multiple bus models in its fleet.

While the MB-1000 is configured for bus transit, the simulator can easily be reconfigured to accommodate most heavy vehicle simulator training.

Visit FAAC at Booth 2225.

First Transit  Offers Technology Solutions for Vehicle Maintenance

First Transit

First Transit is fully committed to improving both customer service and passenger experience while remaining focused on safety and efficiency.
First Transit combines technology and best practices to improve maintenance tracking and service management. Through the implementation of Infor EAM Fleet Management, combined with industry expertise, proprietary procedures and processes, and some of the most highly trained and certified technicians in the industry, First Transit has greatly enhanced its vehicle maintenance services.

First Transit can reduce vehicle breakdowns, track repair histories and create a more reliable management of client assets.

First Transit’s predictive model allows available data sources to be enabling technicians to predict and anticipate vehicle maintenance needs.
All of the information shared and recorded throughout First Transit is shared with Dashboard. Information is analyzed to determine key performance indicators

This enables First Transit to perform more accurate cost analysis and prediction,; and identify opportunities for improvement.

Visit First Transit at Booth 3629.

Fluidmesh Releases the FM4200 for Mible Applications

Fluidmesh Networks

Fluidmesh Networks announced the release of its FM4200 MOBI, designed specifically for mobility projects.

The FM4200 MOBI is suited specifically for mobile applications because of the many new features it offers, such as a resistant aluminum enclosure; m12 cabling; and a gigabit port for a faster network connection.

FM4200 radios can be installed on track-side poles to deliver fast and stable Wi-Fi. Greatly enhancing the passenger experience, it enables riders to work on board with reliable email and Internet access, and uninterrupted phone service. For train operators, the technology translates into increased ridership and many other significant benefits, including significant cost reductions.

Investing in Fluidmesh technology and track-side radios rather than 3g/4g reduces train operator costs because they pay only once for the infrastructure to connect the radios, rather than ongoing subscription fees to a mobile phone carrier. If there’s already an existing mobile phone infrastructure in place, train operators can add Fluidity where this coverage is missing or requiring more bandwidth.

Visit Fluidmesh at Booth 2203.

Freedman Seating Co, Offers Seating Solutions

Freedman Seating Co. 

Freedman Seating offer several different models of seats with 3-point seat belts that meet or exceed FMVSS 207/210: 3PT, GO, GO-ES, Esquire with adjustable 3PT and 2022a headrest, Family with adjustable 3PT and 2022a headrest, A2TEN, and Torino-G seats.

A wide selection of bus and rail seats will be on display at the APTA Expo, including the newest GO-ES model. Slim, lightweight and user-friendly, the GO-ES is designed to accommodate your passengers’ growing needs.

The SplitFlip option offers a flip-up feature to accommodate varying combinations for added aisle space.

4ONE will also be showing quality passenger seating options on the market today, including The Aries passenger seat. This seat offers maximum hip to knee space, improved ergonomics, and durability.

4ONE seats offer customizable seating solutions to accommodate all layouts. These options include flip seats to improve floor space without sacrificing seating capacity and perimeter seating options which do not compromise aisle width.

Visit Freedman and 4One at Booth 1527.

High Five Offers Agencies a Chance to Grab onto New Revenue

High Five advertising LLC 

High Five Advertising LLC offers a cost-effective way to provide safety and revenue generation, all in one.

The company’s advertising handles attach to the horizontal bars inside a transit fleet. Each handle holds up to 1,300 pounds of pressure and in addition, has a clear lexan rectrangle (2.75 inches by 5 inches) with two sides to sell advertising space or used for self-promotion and/or information to the ridership.

The handles have a clean look and are aesthetically pleasing. The ad cards have an easy side insertion to change out the cards. Installation of the handles is quick and easy, having only four screws to attach. Normal separation is 18 inches between each handle. Most buses hold between 20 to 30 handles.

A lot of products save you money; our product makes you money. 

Visit High Five Advertising at Booth 4864.

Hutchinson Presents Health and Usage Monitoring System

Hutchinson Aerospace and Industry  

Hutchinson Aerospace and Industry announced it will be presenting a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) demonstrator at this year's APTA Expo.

This demonstrator will showcase Hutchinson's ability to integrate advanced electronic sensing equipment into its current line of resilient mounts. These sensors can be wirelessly integrated into onboard monitoring systems to provide information on the position, loading conditions, and/or health of the resilient mounts while also offering insight into the state of the entire system. Hutchinson invites you to visit Booth 1113 to experience the technology first hand and to discuss how this technology might be applicable to your business unit.

Visit Hutchinson at Booth 1113. 

Init Launches Mobile-Eco2: Vehicle Health and Driver Behavior Management Solution for Public Transit

Init Innovations in Transportation

Init recently launched the Mobile-Eco2, a vehicle health and driver behavior management system that improves the economy and ecology of public transit.

Mobile-Eco2 addresses state of good repair and vehicle economy. The management system monitors vehicles’ statuses and performance, analyzes driver behavior, discovers trends and delivers real-time vehicle alerts.

Mobile-Eco2 software includes a virtual dashboard which provides managers a live look into individual vehicles in the field over a 3G/4G cellular connection. Mobile-Eco2 gauges and reveals important trends - or future issues - before they even become issues.

Onboard the vehicle, a driver indicator panel gives drivers a clear view of their driving patterns. Using a 5 light LED display, actions like excessive idling, revving of engine, and speeding alerts can be easily indicated. This data assists agencies in effectively improving the health and life cycle costs of their fleet through driver training and behavior improvements. 

Visit Init at Booth 2627.

Irma-Matrix – Synonym for Highest APC Accuracy

Iris Gmbh

Iris-GmbH Infrared & Intelligent Sensors has successfully established its fifth APC generation Irma-Matrix in the transit industry.

Irma Matrix makes use of the latest Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. By measuring the distance for each image point, the Irma-Matrix sensor enables the generation of true three-dimensional images in real-time. The high number of image points allows for most accurate count data, classification of passengers such as distinction between adults and children, distinction between passengers and objects, and specific recognition of objects such as wheelchairs or strollers.

Since the sensor works like a 3D camera and observes the door area, door contact cables are no longer required to determine when to start resp. terminate the counts. Irma-Matrix meets the requirements for high stop accuracy and allows new applications in public transport, e. g., real-time capture of the passenger load.

Since the speed of light is a constant measurement, the Irma-Matrix sensor system is not affected by temperature, brightness, moisture, sun/shade contrast or condition of the background.

Visit Iris at Booth 2208.

Fanless In-vehicle Appliance with Intel Core i7

Lanner Electronics Inc.

The LVC-5770 is a high-performance ruggedized platform ideal for integrating a range of in-vehicle data needs, including surveillance, digital signage, video capture, vehicle location and driver behavior monitoring.

The modern passengers or freight vehicles need a range of computing services and the LVC-5770 is built to enable security, entertainment and performance monitoring. With a range of configurations available for the I/O and the CPU, the LVC-5770 can be customized to meet the needs of most vehicle operators.

The LVC-5770 is compliant with the MIL-STD-810G for both vibration and shock resistance. It can be deployed in conjunction with external CAN bus devices to provide driver behavior monitoring.

The LVC-5770 is equipped with 8 PoE LAN ports. Other features include 2 removable 2.5 inch HDD/SSD drive bays and 2 expansion slots for both Wifi and 3G add-on modules plus a GPS receiver, allowing wireless upload of real-time tracking information and images to those concerned.

Visit Lanner Electronics Inc. at Booth 4006.

Masabi Showcases JustRide at Expo

Masabi U.S. Ltd.

At the APTA Expo, Masabi will be showcasing the transit industry’s leading mobile ticketing and fare collection platform, JustRide.

Masabi’s JustRide system transforms passengers’ travel experience by allowing them to quickly and securely buy and display tickets. JustRide enables transit agencies to move away from high lock-in capital-intensive fare collection systems, and towards a flexible, open system that can seamlessly integrate emerging technologies, such as NFC and open payments.

Masabi will discuss its success in deploying its eTicketing technology in some of the world’s leading transit markets. To date, Masabi’s scalable, cloud-based technology processes more than $100 million in ticketing revenue per year. JustRide is currently deployed with Boston’s MBTA, San Diego’s MTS, New York’s NICE bus, and Silicon Valley’s VTA. A number of other customers are in the deployment-planning process, including New York’s MTA and New Orleans’ RTA. In addition, JustRide currently serves 50 percent of the U.K. rail market.

Visit Masabi at Booth 1860.

Maxwell Technologies Introduces Latest Addition of Large Ultracapacitor Cells

Maxwell Technologies Inc.

Maxwell Technologies Inc. announced the latest addition to its K2 series of ultracapacitor cells. The new 2.85-volt, 3400-farad ultracapacitor cell increases the range of available specific power and stored energy in the industry-standard 60 mm cylindrical “K2” form factor and introduces DuraBlue Shock and Vibration Technology, which is tested to some of the most demanding environmental requirements for transportation, increasing vibration resistance by approximately 300 percent and shock immunity by 400 percent when compared with ultracapacitor-based competitive offerings.

Unlike batteries, Maxwell ultracapacitor products store energy in an electrical field that is larger than that of a capacitor. This electrostatic energy storage mechanism enables ultracapacitors to charge and discharge in as little as fractions of a second, perform normally over a broad temperature range, operate reliably in hundreds of thousands or more duty cycles and resist shock and vibration. Maxwell offers ultracapacitor cells ranging in capacitance from one to 3400 farads and multi-cell modules ranging from 16 to 160 volts.

Visit Maxwell Technologies at Booth 3906.

McDonald Transit Offers Management Services

McDonald Transit Associates Inc.

McDonald Transit Associates is a corporation that has a 42 year history of successfully managing and operating transit systems throughout the United States.  It serves a diverse group of 32 clients that includes cities, counties, entertainment districts, transit agencies, universities and the National Park Service. 

McDonald Transit is the transit affiliate of RATPDev America.  RATPDev operates and maintains buses, subways, streetcars, and light rail systems across the world. Since 2012, McDonald Transit’s affiliate with RATPDev America, RDMT, has been selected to provide streetcar operations in Washington, D.C., and Tucson, Ariz. 

Every member of McDonald Transit’s and RATPDev’s Executive and Management Team has hands-on experience in industry challenges. This expertise, combined with an absolute commitment to our founding principles of honesty, integrity, innovation and superior customer service, offers McDonald Transit clients a truly unique blend of services.  

Visit McDonald Transit Associates at Booth 5813.

Revolutionary MV-1 Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle Now Available in more than 100 U.S. Dealerships

Mobility Ventures LLC

To meet a growing demand for the MV-1, Mobility Ventures will continue to aggressively expand its dealer network into all major domestic and international market areas.

Mobility Ventures LLC has reached a milestone of more than 100 dealerships in its nationwide dealer network.  These U.S. dealers join two international distributors in selling and servicing this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

To meet a growing demand for the MV-1, Mobility Ventures will continue to aggressively expand its dealer network into all major domestic and international market areas. The expansion of the dealer network makes the MV-1—the only purpose-built vehicle that meets or exceeds the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act – available in more cities to serve an increasing population of users who rely on wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Visit Mobility Ventures at Booth 1446.

Mohawk Mobile Column Lifts on Display at Expo

Mohawk Lifts

Mohawk’s mobile columns can turn any flat area into a productive work bay.

With a per column capacity rating of 16,000 to 30,000 lbs. per post, the Mohawk Mobile Column Series lifts range from 32,000 to 240,000 lbs. Easily positioned by one person, Mohawk’s mobile columns can turn any flat area into a productive work bay. Each column can be independently operated, or each can control all four, six, or eight posts.

Mohawk’s mobile columns are available with 15” or 22” fork models to safely raise all vehicles and fully contact the tire surface.

Available with an optional chassis lifting beam, vehicles can be raised while the tires hang free for tire and brake work.

Mohawk’s mobile column lifts are ALI/ETL certified to meet the one and only nationally recognized safety standard for vehicle lifts.

Vist Mohawk Lifts at Booth 6012.  

Nextbus Inc. to Highlight Real-Time Passenger Information System

NextBus Inc.

NextBus Inc. is a global leader in providing real-time passenger information services, with more than 135 current installations in municipalities, universities, airports, hospitals, and corporations.

NextBus utilizes AVL/GPS technology to track vehicles and provide real-time arrival information through the internet, electronic signs, SMS text and telephone.  It has an algorithm that takes into account historical travel data, including day of the week and time of day.

Transit managers can monitor vehicle performance on our live map or use the replay feature to watch previous runs that have taken place in the past.  NextBus reports include schedule adherence, headway, boarding/alighting, and job/block reports. 

Hardware offerings are extensive, and include GPS-based AVL systems, automatic passenger counters, automated next stop announcements (NextStop), mobile data terminals, LED and LCD signage, and driver silent alarms.  The NextBus system can also integrate with existing AVL hardware and numerous software products made by other vendors.

Visit NextBus Inc. at Booth 2115. 

Nord-Lock Introduces X-Series Washers


Nord-Lock adds a new dimension of safety to bolt security with the launch of the Nord-Lock X-series washer.

X-series combines Nord-Lock’s unmatched wedge-locking protection against spontaneous bolt loosening with an exclusive spring effect that protects against slackening due to settlement and relaxation. The new multifunctional wedge-locking product from Nord-Lock offers bolt security without compromise.

Each washer pair has cams on one side and radial teeth on the opposite side to secure the bolted joint with tension instead of friction. The Nord-Lock X-series washers’ conical shape also creates an elastic reserve in the bolted joint to compensate for the loss of preload and prevent slackening.

Nord-Lock’s X-series has already received praise from participants of a select early adopter group, as well as from clients who immediately ordered the new product after its global release.

Visit Nord-Lock at Booth 4520.

Peerless-AV Showcases Industry’s First Fully-Sealed Outdoor Display at the APTA Expo


Xtreme displays enable year-round outside digital signage ideal for transportation applications.

The Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are capable of year-round outdoor digital signage. The first flat panel displays are 100 percent sealed and engineered to endure the outside elements in all seasons.

Most outdoor displays still rely on vents, filters and fans, meaning the filters must be regularly changed as fumes, dirt or brake dust clog the exchange of air in and out of the display. The Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are as unaffected by these silent killers as they are by the weather. The fully-sealed, ventless design keeps fumes, chemicals and brake dust outside the display while protecting the electronics inside the display.

With a wide operating range available and the highest IP68 and NEMA 6 ratings, Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are an easy to maintain, cost-effective and reliable solution for public transit applications, even in the harshest of conditions.

Peerless-AV’s Fully Sealed Xtreme displays are available in 42 inch, 47 inch and 55 inch models.

Visit Peerless-AV at Booth 3272.

Proterra Inc Introduces Second Generation 40-foot EV Transit Bus


Proterra Inc launched its second generation all-electric bus.

The company’s first 40 foot model, the new bus weighs less than any other transit bus available today and offers the highest fuel efficiency on the market.  The model also features a fast-charge system that keeps the bus on the road with no requirement to take them out of service for long charging periods, one-step access for ease-of-maintenance and industry-leading ergonomics.

As the only manufacturer with EV transit buses in actual revenue service anywhere in the United States, Proterra also announced that its buses had logged nearly 500,000 miles in revenue service to date.  Cities currently operating Proterra all-electric buses include Stockton, Calif.;  San Antonio, Texas; Tallahassee, Fla.; Worcester, Mass.; Reno, Nev. and Pomona, Calif.

Visit Proterra at Booth 5037.

Quantum Makes Passenger Safety Push-Button Easy


With the introduction of Quantum, the industry now has access to the first securement system designed to keep passengers safe and drivers on schedule.

Quantum allows passengers to board a bus or railcar quickly position their chairs and push a button to secure themselves in a stable and safe rear-facing position without driver assistance in under 25 seconds. 

Wheelchair passenger can independently enter the Quantum unit during a vehicle stop. When the passenger’s chair is centered against the backrest, the push of a button activates an automatic locking sequence for a safe, secure ride. Once the vehicle reaches the destination and stops, the passenger simply pushes the button again and independently makes his or her exit.

The Quantum’s mobility passengers experience a level of independence on par with other commuters. They have the freedom to board the vehicle and automatically secure their device without assistance.

Visit Q’Straint at Booth 2927.

REI Offers Technology to Save Time and Money

Radio Engineering Industries 

REI’s demand-response solution eliminates the headaches of manual scheduling and dispatch. REI’s solution provides real-time updates, user-friendly touch-screen terminals, interactive mapping and two-way messaging between dispatch and drivers.

REI’s solution provides an intuitive web-based scheduling system with trusted reliability and accuracy, giving drivers better tools to maximize their on-time pickups and drop-offs.

  • Save time and money-let our solution plan your routes
  • Create funding proposals-identify ridership and demographic reports
  • Quickly handle changes-schedules update to meet demand

Combine user-friendly software, unparalleled support and company longevity for a demand-response scheduling solution made easy.

Visit REI at Booth 2913

Snake Tray Announces New Cable Tray Designed to Carry RF Cables along with Traditional Security and Signal Cables

Snake Tray

Snake Tray has created a patented cable tray to convey, aim and isolate RF cables along with traditional security and signal cables in one system for transit and rail tunnels.

Tray has created a patented cable tray to convey, aim and isolate RF cables along with traditional security and signal cables in one system for transit and rail tunnels.  Snake Tray cable tray can accommodate multiple tiers of cable pathway along with a special separated pathway that isolates and aims the RF cable for optimal signal strength. Snake Tray nests together for economical shipping and easy material handling.  Snake Tray comes in stainless steel to weather all environmental conditions.

Snake Tray manufactures a series of cable trays for rail, tunnel and transit that are designed for quick installation to substantially lower the total cost of a project. All of our products are made in the U.S.

Visit Snake Tray at Booth 2012.

SPX Genfare Showcasing Fast Fare Equipment

SPX Genfare

SPX Genfare will be showcasing the Fast Fare line of fare collection equipment. 

The Fast Fare was designed to accept and validate all forms of media from mobile ticketing and smartcards to magnetics and the traditional cash and tokens

Fast Fare-e offers all of the highlights of the Fast Fare in a smaller, sleek and versatile form factor designed to work in cooperation with the Fast Fare or as a singular product in a street car, paratranist vehicle, bus, train and much more.  The sole difference between the full Fast Fare and Fast Fare-e is the full Fast Fare acceptance of cash and tokens. 

The new Genfare Mobile Payment is the perfect addition to any transit system. Genfare Mobile Payment provides agencies with a new form of payment that allows them to operate as a stand-alone with visual validation or the mobile payment can be combined with our Fast Fare line to provide electronic validation in a single step.

Visit the SPX Genfare Booth 2637. 

Simplify Ethernet-to-SONET Connectivity

TC Communications

The Ethernet over OC-3/STM-1 Gateway from TC Communications offers users a simple, low cost IP migration path by bridging Ethernet LANs between existing SONET/SDH networks.

The Model TC3844-5 JumboSwitch Gateway converts Ethernet data into SONET/SDH framing to transmit to remote locations over existing OC-3/STM-1 links.

The TC3844-5 is commonly used for transportation and utility networks, Ethernet backhaul, extending sub-networks off of SONET/SDH hubs, establishing Demarcation points between carrier and customer Networks and enabling bonded transparent LAN services.

The TC3844-5 performs store-and-forward of frames with Ethernet traffic conditioning and bridging functions at wire speed. The internal bridge supports VLAN tagging and priority labeling which enables the user to define different QoS levels according to the application requirements.

Important features include fault management, auto-negotiation with flow control, Statistics Monitoring, Network Time Protocol, Remote Firmware Upgrade and Temperature and Power Monitoring. In-band and out-of-band management are accessed via Web, SNMP, Console and Telnet. Diagnostic tools include LEDs, dry contact alarms and local and remote loop-back.

Visit TC Communications at Booth 4868.

OLEDs - The Next Generation Light Source for Rail

TDG Transit Design Group Inc.

OLEDs are an organic (carbon-based) material which emits light when electricity is applied. OLEDs represent a truly ground shattering shift in functionality and design compared with traditional light sources used in rail car interiors including LED main lighting systems.

Greater design expression. Flexibility permits unique curved surface applications dramatically different from the traditional  main lighting fixtures little changed in over 50 years.

OLED materials have been around since the early 1960’s but are just now becoming commercially viable for uses such as high-end designer lighting fixtures and television screens. TDG is currently evaluating OLED viability for withstanding the shock, vibration, transient surges, cold and hot extreme operation associated with harsh rail conditions.

Although OLEDs represent a costlier alternative to current light sources, TDG is excited by the unique inherent design and quality of light advantages offered by OLEDs and will be pursuing their further development.

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TTCI Now Offers Transit Agency and Passenger Railway Consulting.

Transportation Technology Center Inc.

Transportation Technology Center Inc. (TTCI) now offers transit agency and passenger railway consulting.

TTCI now offers expert advice in performance-based track geometry (PBTG) and infrastructure asset utilization and management, as well as other track and vehicle engineering needs.

Consultants begin their PBTG work by measuring revenue vehicle performance as the revenue vehicle travels over the agency’s track.  Safety and ride quality performance is analyzed and compared to the measured track geometry.  This analysis provides customized standards that target safety and ride quality conditions for the agency’s specific vehicles, rather than the generalized consensus standards typically used. 

TTCI can work with the agency’s engineering team to apply the new standards for developing maintenance and replacement strategies, maintenance forecasting and updating maintenance standards to ensure a sustainable state of good repair.

TTCI consultants also help agencies improve their infrastructure asset utilization and maintenance oversight.  These efforts begin by turning both existing and new data into useful planning information that will maximize long-range maintenance planning and budgeting, followed by guidance in applying industry-recognized best practices, staff recruitment and training.

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Vapor Bus Introduces High Performance Electric Door Acutator for Heavy Transit Buses

Vapor Bus International - A Wabtec Corp.

The ETO actuator integrates innovative electrical and mechanical elements to precisely control door speed and position, while minimizing power consumption.

Vapor Bus International, A Wabtec Company, will introduce a high performance electric door actuator for heavy transit buses.

The ETO actuator integrates innovative electrical and mechanical elements to precisely control door speed and position, while minimizing power consumption. A high-torque electric motor is teamed with service-proven components for maximum performance and reliability. An intelligent controller provides programmable data logging with detailed time stamps for superior diagnostic capabilities.

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Electric Drive Concepts for the City Bus

ZF North America

With new gear geometry and even quieter running, ZF has further optimized the AVE 130 electric portal axle for usage in low-floor buses. The axle, which is ideal for several energy concepts such as all-electric mode or serial hybrid systems, has already proven its everyday suitability in field trials in several major European cities.

With a maximum axle load of 13 tons and a motor peak output of 2x120 kilowatts, the low-floor axle is even suitable for double-articulated buses. The wheels are driven individually via water-cooled asynchronous motors with a high power density and a subsequent fixed two-step ratio.

Automatic transmission systems in the ZF AS Tronic lite model range are already being used in light intercity buses and coaches in South America and China.

This modular hybrid transmission can be integrated into the existing driveline. The overall system consists of transmission, 60 kW electric motor, inverter, power routing and energy management. Thus, it can assume all functions of a full hybrid system.

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