Nova Bus Shows Innovation and Technologies

Oct. 5, 2011
Nova Bus' Electro Mobility aims to reduced energy consumption and emissions with its electric bus prototype.

Nova Bus revealed several new transit bus technologies and innovative solutions at APTA Expo. The highlight of its impressive 8,000 sq. ft. booth is its new fully-electric transit bus prototype.

Electro Mobility is a core focus for Nova Bus, which is making great strides in significantly reducing energy consumption and emissions. Along with continuously improving the efficiency of current systems, the company is exploring leading-edge technologies with North American partners and leveraging synergies from throughout the Volvo Group to provide fuel savings. The Nova Bus team is proud to unveil its promising fully-electric prototype bus and Electro Mobility solutions at the APTA Expo.

“We want to be ready. We want to lead the industry to cleaner fuels. That is why the electric bus is here,” explained Nova Bus Vice President of Business Development Jean-Pierre Baracat, P.E. “Our objective is to have something commercially viable in the next few years. We really want to industrialize this; it’s not going to be a flavour of the day type of project.”

Nova Bus plans to have a handful of the electric buses in 2012 to use for field testing. “It will help us work out the bugs of a new technology,” Baracat said. “We want to make sure it is controllable.”

“We’re really making our customers part of our R&D team,” added Nadine Bernard, marketing director.

In addition to the electric bus prototype, attendees will also be among the first to discover Nova Bus’ new transit bus interior. Behind its bright, modern look, the new interior integrates innovative solutions designed to significantly enhance the passenger environment and streamline bus maintenance. This advanced design is the result of extensive research that combines the best of manufacturer and operator field expertise.

“We didn’t reinvent the whole thing, but we made sure it’s more airy,” Baracat said. The new interior feels more like that of rail car interiors and incorporates leaner, more pure lines, he explained.

The new interior also includes a video display that has GPS capability, which can be used to make announcements regarding landmarks or used to leverage advertising opportunities, Baracat said.

The third bus on display is the Nova LFX, Nova Bus’ Bus Rapid Transit vehicle, designed to meet high demands for capacity, reliability, speed and comfort. The LFX features a sleek, full roofline, stylish design and numerous amenities for passengers and operators alike, including ITS4mobility, Volvo’s intelligent transport solution.

“It’s meant to attract passengers,” Baracat explained. “It’s to change the perception that public transit is for people who can’t afford a car. It’s for the choice rider.”